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Online Sync

Automatic Backup Software and Internal Cloud Storage Builder

Backup Cow can back up and sync files between computers over local network or Internet/Intranet. The software can also help you build internal private cloud storage by utilizing your own computers.

P2P automatic schedule backup software Internal cloud storage built upon multiple servers
Back up files to another computer, network drives/shared folders, local or external drives, USB, NAS. Back up files to multiple Windows computers that form your own cloud storage. Store multiple backup copies on different servers respectively to enhance backup reliability.
File Copy Internal Cloud Backup
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  • Reliable Backup Tool

    - Back up your files and folders to other computers including their network drives or shared folders
    - Backup copy quantity can be increased to any number
    - Duplicate backup copies of each file will never locate on a same computer
    - Redo backup tasks automatically if a backup destination computer has a malfunction

File Syncronization

- Monitor any changes in source files or folders for each backup item
- Automatically synchronize the sources files and backups
- Automatic scheduling can be any desired time intervals

  • Network Backup Software

    - Back up your files to multiple computers via LAN (Local Area Network) or remote network (Internet/Intranet)
    - Computers can connect together either by LAN, or joining a virtual netowrk group, or direct remote access (inputting ip/domain and tcp port number)

  • Backup Encryption

    - Encrypt backups with a pre-set password
    - Encrytion passowrd is required for any users to obtain encrypted files

  • Restore Files Anywhere

    - Restore all files and folders on any user's computer
    - Check file availability on the network

  • Easy File Search and Access

    - Search all backups and sources files with a powerful filter
    - Download or obtain files from any user
    - View each file's detailed information including its owner and location

  • Private Cloud Storage Builder

    - Transform network computers to be a private cloud. All computers running the Server program will automatically connect together to be the cloud storage.
    - High Scalaibity: Increase cloud storage as large as you wish
    - Smart Resilience:
    Self-Reparing Cloud with a dynamic server (master node). Redo backup tasks automatically when a cloud node has a malfunction
    - Easy setup and deployment: Any user can run the Client program to back up data to the cloud storage.

  • Cloud User Login and Account Management

    - Any user must sign up an account and log in to use the cloud server storage
    - Users can use their accounts on any computers or devices

  • Cloud User Privacy

    Users can make their files invisible and inaccessible to other cloud users. (in both File Search and Restore sections)

Data Transfer Viewer and Management

  • - View real-time data transfer status
    - Adjust download/upload speed, simultaneous file amount
    - Pause, stop or resume any data transfer or backup tasks
    - Increase data reliability with MD5 file verification
    - Forbid data transfer to any remote locations

  • File Transfer Software
  • - Send and receive both files and folders between computers
    - Send files to multiple computers simultaneously
    - Transfer large files. File size is unlimited for registered users
    - Support breakpoint transmission
    - Transfer data over local area network (LAN) or Internet/Intranet

  • File Sharing Tool
  • - Share files and folders acorss network (Internet or local network)
    - Download shared files available on other computers

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  • Usage Scenarios

  • Business Backup

    Back up and sync business data and documents between multiple computers.

  • Personal Backup

    Back up your photos, music, and financial records onto your home networked PCs.

  • Remtoe Network Backup

    Free remote backup software. Easily backup or transfer files between remote locations.

  • Home Office Backup

    Backup and sync files between office and home.

    Send Large Files

    Transfer big files and folders directly to your frineds. No email attachments anymore.

  • Remote Access to Files

    Send & Obtain backups anywhere securely.

  • Share Your Backups

    Construct a file cloud with your friends and colleagues. Share files and computer resources together.

  • Automatic Backup Software

    Schedule automatic backup easily!

Private Cloud Backup Software

Build your own internal cloud storage and perform private cloud backup


File Transfer and Sharing

Folder Transfer, a sister product of Backup Cow, can send large files and folders to your friends or colleagues simultaneously over Internet or local network. You can also share files across network with the tool that can support breakpoint transmission.

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