Backup Cow - Backup to Another Computer and Sync Your Files over Network

Backup Cow P2P can back up files to another computer, network drives or network shared folders. The easy-to-use software can also sync the files between two computers so that your backups are alwasy updated.


Here is the main window screenshot of Backup Cow P2P:

Network Backup Software


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Backup Cow P2P can back up data between computers over local network (LAN) and Internet/Intranet. If you are looking for an affordable solution on how to backup one computer to another, Backup Cow can be your best free network backup software and file sync solution. You can backup files to another computer on network no matter which is a LAN, WLAN (Wifi LAN) or remote network. It automatically safeguards your files, music, photos and other important data by backing up and syncing files between computers over local network or Internet or Intranet. If you are looking for a network backup software freeware product, please download Backup Cow to use this simple software to backup data to another pc.

How to backup files to another computer on the network?


It is very easy to backup to another computer on network with Backup Cow software, especially when your computers are in the same local network. All computers running Backup Cow application can be connected together by Local Network (LAN or WLAN) or Remote Network (via Internet or Intranet). Backup Cow P2P Suite is the best tool to back up to another computer.


  • Backup to another computer's network drive or network share folders

If your PC machines are connected in LAN, and one computer has shared network drive or folders to let other network users to visit, read and write these network sharing drives or folders, you just need to run Backup Cow on one computer, for example, your computer, in which you need initiate file backup. Then with Backup Cow, you can easily backup to another pc by storing data into a network backup drive. Please note that you just need to install Backup Cow on only One computer in this scenario. If the freeware version doesn't meed your backup needs, you may purchase licenses to upgrade the software to a Professional or Enterprise edition. If you want to back up to another pc to protect your files, Backup Cow provides you with the most convenient way, and you just need install the software on your own computer and back up data to another computer's network drives or folders.

  • Connection Over Local Network
If you want to backup to another computer, but the backup destinations are not limited to its network drives or network folders, then you need also install Backup Cow on the other computers you wish to backup files to. Or if you need backup between computers, you also need run Backup Cow on those computers.

For the first time when you run Backup Cow on your computer, the software will automatically connect to other computers where Backup Cow is also running over the local network.

So, if all your peer computers are in the same local network, you don't need to take any action for the local network connection setup. You just need run Backup Cow on each networked computer, then you can back up or transfer your computer files to other computers across LAN. And it a free software to backup files from one computer to another. If you need backup to another pc on network or need implement peer to peer backup, Backup Cow is the best choice for you. With this program, it is so easy to back up files to another PC.

  • Connection Over Remote Network

If your peer computers are not in the same local network, you must set up Remote Network connection. The method is also easy because if offers best ways to implement remote peer to peer backup. Backup Cow lets you can remotely backup to another computer over the internet to protect your important data. Backup Cow let you find a good and easy way to back up to another network.


Here are two ways to set up remote network connection:

  • Join a Group (Recommended)

All Backup Cow Users can connect together by joining a same network group: "Remote Network -- Join a Group". (You must create a group account firstly, then two computers log in the same group.) In this way, two computers can be connected together.

  • Connect to a Computer

You can connect to a remote PC or network by directly entering its ip/domain and port number: “Remote Network -- Connect to a Computer”.


Backup to another network will be complicated for many computer backup systems. But it is pretty easy for Backup Cow users to backup to another PC over WAN or Internet. You don't need to make many network settings to connect a remote network. And it is not required for backup users to know the other computer's IP by using the network group features.

Now you can start to backup files between 2 computers. Backup Cow will start to backup automatically once a new backup item is added. In addition, you can make automatic scheduled backup because all backup items will be updated automatically every a certain time interval that you can set. That is, the system will sync backups between PCs from time to time.

Backup Cow is a network backup freeware that can meet all your backup needs, no matter your backup destinations are remote or local. Using this handy network backup software, you can easily and quickly backup files from one computer to another, from laptop to desktop. If you are seeking a software to backup between networked computers, Backup Cow is a good choice for you to resolve the "backup my pc" issue at home and office. With several simple steps, you may complete backup from pc to pc!

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More About Backup Cow

* Please feel free to download Backup Cow on our free download page to have a free trial experience:

* After you download and install Backup Cow, you will get a permanent free edition (freeware). You may upgrade to Professional or Enterprise edition to get rid of some limitations in the free version. Please view to compare editions.

* Please read Online Manual from which can help you install and start using this software.

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Will you be ready if a computer disaster happens? Maybe for those important data and files, "backup to another computer on network" is the best way to help protect them. As we know, bBackups are the single most effective method of preventing data loss on computer systems. As a daily computer user or an IT professional, you may have such questions: “ How to backup files from pc to pc?”, “How to backup files between two computers?” Obviously a cost-effective or free network backup solution will be very useful for you to make computer to computer backups. Backup Cow can do that, and much more! If you are looking for a software for data backup between computers. Please download Backup Cow for free trial.

Are you seeking a reliable free backup software tool to back up your computer files to another computer on the network? Please get a free download for Backup Cow. Backup Cow is a powerful network backup freeware tool for both personal and commercial use. It offers a simple and secure way to backup personal files and business documents, securely share files with colleagues and friends. With this automatic backup software, you can backup or synchronize files to any pc in your local network (LAN). You can back up more than one computer across network, and restore or share files with someone on another computer. Backup Cow is an ideal backup utility to let you send copies of files and folders to another computer or a network drive automatically. In addition, You can not only back up files to another PC in your LAN, but also use the remote backup solution provided by this file backup software for all of your PCs, regardless of their locations. Backup Cow can backup files over network, including Internet and Intranet.


If you don't know how to backup files to another pc before, maybe you suffered data lost when your computer crashed. Now it is time for you to backup data to another computer on network with this simple network backup software tool. Download this p2p backup software to back up files from your computer to another pc. No matter you want to backup files from laptop to desktop, or from a home pc to a office server, Backup Cow can meet all your network backup needs.

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