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Reliable Network Backup Device

Backup software has played an important role in modern society.It contains easy and compelling features that everyone will accept .If you are still looking for free backup software,Backup Cow is one of the best choice for you.Backup Cow can automatically backs up and synchronizes selected files and folders with an external backup device,such as hard drive or USB.With Backup Cow,you do not have to worry about the loss of data because it can automatically accessed again immediately. Free Trial Download !

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Key features about backup cow
----File backup widget
Unlike other backup devices,Backup Cow occupies very few space of your laptop or mobile phone,while it allows you to backup unlimited size files to another PC via LAN or remote distance.
----Backup files and data to multiple networks
Backup Cow can backup any files to multiple PCs (both local network and remote network).Computers can connect together either by LAN, or joining a virtual network group, or direct remote access (in putting IP/domain and tcp port number)
----Confidential backup 
Different from other backup devices,backup cow provide secure backup service.Before you backup any files to another PC,you can set up a password .Within password,anyone else could not enter your backup cow and could not operate any files in your PC.Data will be protect by Backup Cow.
Nowadays,personal privacy is concerned to be an important issue.If you are a company manager,privacy of your company is essential ,which could not be spread out.Taking the proposal for example ,you want to backup to your boss's computer,someone may want to hack into your computer and steal your proposal .In this moment,backup cow can protect all the data by encryption
Excellent features about Backup Cow
Besides the above features,Backup Cow allows you to build private cloud in office and at home.Backup Cow offers self-repairing cloud with a dynamic server(master node).Second,cloud user can decide whether they share their under-utilized disk space as cloud storage or no.With private cloud storage,you can gain unexpected huge disk space for you to store data.So,How to achieve that?

1. Download Backup Cow Private Cloud Suite from Download page  

2. Uncompress the zip file into two exe files: one is Backup Cow client installation file (BackupCowClient_Setup.exe) and the other is Backup Cow server installation file (BackupCowServer_Setup.exe)


3. Install Backup Cow server on one pc and Backup Cow client on multiple computers

4. Sign up an account for backup on Backup Cow client

5. Log in to the account and back up files to the server
Notes:Please notice that both Backup Cow client and server should be operate at the same time.

Users feedback:
*At home
A father John,whose daughter is two year old now.He takes photos and videos everyday in order to memory his daughter's growth.Day after day,there are thousands of pictures and videos in his mobile phone.He is depressed that the disk space is getting more and more limited.Thanks to Backup Cow,he can build a private cloud storage at home.Now,he can store all his daughter's photos by using private cloud.Also,his family can also see the adorable daughter's growth by joining at the same cloud.
*At office
A manger, Tom,who has multiple files and data every day.He had to face huge amount of files so he felt depressed sometimes.He heard that private cloud is very popular nowadays,so he decided to set up a private cloud storage at office.He praised Backup Cow is a good helped.After creating a private cloud ,his work become much easier and more convenient.It is no longer to worry about the disk space was full because it has powerful ability to store data.

Why use Backup Cow?
 In modern society,more and more information we receive and larger storage are needed .Traditional devices such as USB and portable hard drive can no longer satisfied us .Thanks to Backup Cow,more and more people can get unlimited and secure storage in your PC.How?You surely have heard a new word-----Cloud storage. Cloud storage is one of the emerging technology ,which provide huge space for you to store or restore your own data.It follows that we should catch up with modern pace of the time,try Backup Cow and you will be surprised by the amazing functions!


Very useful network backup software!I was just about to begin searching for a tool like that since I want to backup my computer files to another pc over the network, but since I have found this software, I don’t have to look for that. Thanks.

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