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It is necessary to find an auto backup software for Win 8.1 because Windows 8.x will be the mainstream operating system on desktop PC. Nowadays, even though iPad or other tablets are popular for users, Microsoft/Intel computers are still the major computing machines at workplace, where a lot of data need to be backed up every day. To protect your critical business data, reliable Windows 8 backup software has become an important issue for many IT managers, who believe the priority of  their current work is to find a win 8 backup software that can meet the business needs in the companies: shedule backup, file synchronization, data encription, and more.

Backup Cow, a great backup program for Windows, can fulfill business requirements for most companies. No matter your computers are using Windows 8, Windows 7, or even Windows XP, this automatic sync backup software can backup files between computers reliably. Please read more information about this automatic backup software on the product site:

Microsoft recently announced they will not support Windows xp anymore. The data safty on Win xp will be a concern for most companies, which may be planning to purchase more Windows 8 computers to replace the Windows XP machines. On the other hand, before the computer replacement is done, the IT department must find a backup tool to ensure all data and files on Windows XP are safe. That is, the backup application can backup all the files and folders to Windows 8 or Windows 7. Even after the new WIndows 8.1 computer installation and data migration, data backup software is also a key measure to protect your important stuff. So, Windows 8.1 backup software shoud be on hand in current IT environment.

 "How to backup data for my Windows 8.1 computers ?" ,  Peter Gates, a CTO of a data processing company, asked his IT consultant last month after he upgraded their company's XP computers to Windows 8.1.  "Which is the best network backup software to backup my files over different Windows platforms ?" Peter's network still includes a variety of Windows OS versions, such as Windows 7, Windows 2003, and Windows 8.

Finally, Peter chose a recommended backp solution for Windows 8.1 and other Win OS. He downloaded and installed a backup utility called Backup Cow. He are satisfied with the parameters and features of this win backup software. An amazing option impressed Peter is the program has free trial of all backup functions and the free backup software version is also available. After a serious backup software review and comparison, Peter decided to buy 100 licenses of this professional backup software (Backup Cow P2P Enterprise Edition). "If every thing is going well, deinitely I will buy more licenses.The backup software is cost effective." Peter said to his assistants.

It is quite smart to buy a simple backup software like Backup Cow, which is affordable, easy to use, and most important, reliable.




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