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Backup Cow is an effective free remote backup software proudct, which can back up your data to a remote place via Internet or Intranet. There's no need to worry about external hardware or tedious manual backups; Simply download Backup Cow, select the files and folders you want to back up, and Backup Cow does the rest.

Download Backup Cow free now

This remote backup software can not only let you backup files to a network drive located on another computer that you have in your house or office, but also let you remotely back up and sync files between computes over Internet or Intranet. It is a complete and reliable backup software, also available as freeware. The Free version of Backup Cow has many interesting features (To see more features of Backup Cow, visit the Main Features section), and it can be a very useful product for small and medium businesses.

There are two methods for remote computers to connect together:

  • All computers can connect together by joining a same network group. In this way, all users don't need to know other computers' IP addresses and port numbers. You just need to create a remote network group account, then all remote users can log in the same network group.
  • You can directly input the IP address and port number of the remote computer or remote network. Then you can connect to the remote PC or the remote network.

Please also read the online mannual:

After running Backup Cow programs and setting up the remote network connection between computers, you can backup your files and folders over Internet or Intranet to any remote destinations your computer connect to.

Please download the software for remote backup over internet, free!

For more details, please view the Backup Cow website:

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