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How frustrating and annoying it would be, if you have tons of precious family photos but accidentally delete them from your hard drive without previous backups, or your computer goes crashed and all your important data gets missing. These instances fully demonstrate that backing up your files and data are of vital importance. Instead of copying your files on a physical device like a external hard drive, you can back them up in a secure private cloud storage. It means that even without the physical storage device, you can have access to your documents, picturs, music, video, financial contracts and much more from any place where there is network connection. Nowadays, there are multiple backup prpgrams on the market but some of them are very expensive. Fortunatelly, among them, Backup Cow is the best backup app to help you create secure personal cloud storage and periodically sync your files between computers. Even though it is not an open source program, it has free version. Now, we will have a review of this automatic backup freeware about its features, solutions and benefits.

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Key Features

First of all, what are the distinctive features of Backup Cow? Here’s a quick look:

*User-friendly and intuitive user interface

This backup software is pretty easy to use. And if you do find any problem, you can get live chat support by simply entering Backup Cow website and clicking the chat button. If the operators are offline, you can leave messages and will get replies in short time. Besides, we have online manual to help you use it.

* Synchronize files on a single PC and/or multiple network computers (LAN and Remote network)

Backup Cow can copy files to multiple destinations, so it can meet all your backup needs at home and/or in your office:

Backup to Another Computer Backup Between Computers Remote Backup via Internet/Intranet

Backup to Another Computer

Backup to another PC or its shared folder

Backup Between Computers

Two computers can backup each other.

Remote Backup

It's not required to know each computer's IP address.

Backup to Windows Directories & Drives Backup Between Multiple Computers Internal Private Cloud Backup

Local Backup

Copy to local & network folders, USB, external hard drives. Drag and Drop, Done !

Multiple Computer Backup

Each backup item can have multiple copies on the network.

Internal Cloud Backup

Build internal private cloud storage by utilizing in-house computers.

* 100% Automated Backups
Using Backup Cow, you can conduct scheduled backup in a hassle-free way, which saves your time and energy.

* Unlimited Storage
If you are fond of watching movies or taking photos , a great number of video or image files may be stored in your computer. Backup Cow supports backing them up with its unlimited storage feature. (Free edition only allows 3GB of the backup source files. Professional and Enterprise ones have no size limits.)

* Security & Privacy
Encryption is one of the best features of Backup Cow. It can keep your network folder backup private and secure. Once you setup encryption, only those who has the password can have access to your backups. With Backup Cow, you can rest assure that your data can be protected from unauthorized use.

* Save Deleted Files

If "Keep deleted/replaced files with latest ... version only" is checked, Backup Cow will save the the latest version of every file to the destination computer.

* No file type restriction
Some netwok drives backup programs only support backing up documents , pictures or other restricted file types, while Backup Cow can copy almost all file types.

* Simple File Restoration
It is very simple to restore your backup items. It only needs a few clicks.

* Private cloud storage builder

Backup Cow supports creating private cloud storage. Any user can become a cloud storage contributor or consumer or both.

* Offer permanent free version

This personal cloud backup tool provides with gratis version, so you can free download it to have free trial experience.

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How do I backup my computer to a network drive using Backup Cow?" Here are the solutions.

Backup over network
You may sync your files in safe cloud storage over local network and remote network.

1. Backup files to network drives over local network
1). Run Backup Cow on both your own PC and LAN PC and click "Add Backup Item" button on "Backup" section.
2). Select files or folders you want to backup and click "Next"
3). Select the local network computer you need backup to and click "Next"
4). Setup sync time, deleted files saving and encryption in "General" section and click "Next"
5). Specify the included and excluded files for backing up in "Filter" section if you need.

2. Backup files to network folders across remote network
There are two methods to set up remote network connection:
Join a Group (Recommened for Remote Network) and Connect to a Computer ( for Advanced Users)

A. Join a Group (Recommended for Remote Network) :

* Run Backup Cow on both your PC and network PC.

* In your network computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Network -- Join a Group (Recommended for Remote Network) -- Create a group- Sign up a group account- Input group name and password, then click OK. (Network - Join a Group )

* In your computer's Backup Cow: Input group name and password, then click OK. (Network - Join a Group )

B. Connect to a Computer:

* Run Backup Cow on both your PC and network computer.
* In your network computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Network --> Connect to a Computer --> Input your computer's IP Address and Port Number (usually the port # is 9595, or you may find it in your computer's Backup Cow), then click OK.
* In your computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Add Backup Items- Select files or folders to backup- Click "Next"- Select your target computer in the network computers field - Click "Next"- in "General" tab setup sync time, check the latest version to save deleted files and setup encryption- Click "Next"- in "Filter" tab set included and excluded specifications- Click "OK" button
* Then Backup Cow will automatically backup your files to network drive in planned time.

Because the office's IP address may be often changed, "Join a Group" method is more worthy of recommention.

(It is in the similar way to back up network drives to local drives in Windows 7.)

In addition of syncing files across local network, Internet or Intranet, backup on your local drives in Windows 7 is also supported by Backup Cow. The steps are as followed.

1. Run Backup Cow on my PC and click "Add Backup Item" button on "Backup" section.
2. Select files or folders you want to backup and click "Next"
3. Click "Add folders" to select your destination folder on your Windows 7 and then click "Next"
4. Setup sync time, deleted files saving and encryption in "General" section and click "Next"
5. Specify the included and excluded files for backing up in "Filter" section if you need.

That's pretty easy, right? If you don't want to go through the frustration caused by data loss and not knowing how to get your files back after you delete them accidentally, a private cloud solution is really essential and a free backup tool is much more preferable. Don't want to be driven crazy by unexpected data loss? Please free download Backup Cow and try this auto-sync software.


How can you benefit from this secure personal cloud backup solution?

1. Reduce the risks of data loss

Sometimes, you may accidentally delete your files, your computer goes crashed, or virues damage your important folders. All these can cause data loss. In these circumstances, cloud backup freeware is very essential. Among so many backup apps, Backup Cow can be the NO.1 choice for you. It helps you eliminate the risks of data loss.

2. No need to carry around physical data storage devices

Now people save their photos, music, videos, documents, ect by using physical devices, like external drives. However, those physical storage devices are limited in their mobility and life spans. It is really troublesome to carry aroud a physical storage device all the time, and they can be lost, stolen or damaged just like your computer hard drives. Unlike cumbersome physical devices, Backup Cow comes with weightless cloud storage and cannot be lost, stolen or damaged. It allows you to have access to all your copied files without using any external drive as long as you run it on both target machines.

3. Save your time and energy

Backup Cow comes with the cloud backup service and automated synchronization. You don't need to manually back up your data because Backup Cow will do it for you. It helps you greatly save your time and energy.

4. Protect your network drive backups from unauthorized use

As mentioned in the features part, using Backup Cow, you can back up your important files with encryption, which helps you avoid others' unauthorized use. The minute that you start syncing your files to the network computers, you can rest assured that it is only you and people who have the password can gain access to your backup items so that all your backups are completely protected and stored in a safe cloud storage.

5. Save your money

Backup Cow offers free system backup software version. If you want to sync files between computers without payment, Backup Cow can be your option. If you want to backup source files with unlimited size, Professional and Enterprise versions meet your needs. Both of these two paid versions are low-priced and come with permanent license-one off payment, while other backup softwares are expensive and need to be paid each month.


In conclusion, Backup Cow is a powerful network backup software, which is featured by synchronization in private cloud storage. It is easy and safe backup freeware to protect your files and eliminate the risk of data loss, and helps you save your time and money. It is compatible with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Using Backup Cow, you can easily back up your data to local drives or network drives. It is the best backup solution for your personal and/or business use.

Are you always panicking from data loss? Download this cloud backup solution for a free trial.

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