Network Backup Solutions for Local and Remote Networks

Backup Cow is a cost-effecitve network backup solution to back up and sync files over network. The software lets you reliably backup data to a network drive or any other computers across networks, no matter which are office LAN, home network, corporate intranet or Internet. You can also easily build your own network storage by utilizing in-house computers. Backup Cow is one of the best network backup solutions for business and individuals.


Backup Cow is a network backup software program that has a freeware version and it can meet all your backup needs, no matter your backup destinations are remote or local:

Backup to Another Computer Local Network Backup Solution Remote Network Backup Solution

Backup to Another Computer

Backup to another PC or its network drive (shared network folders)

Backup Between Computers

Backup between computers in LAN or WLAN (wireless netwok)

Remote Backup

Remote backup via Internet or Intranet

Backup to Local or Network Drives Backup Multiple Network Computers Hybrid Network Backup Solution

Local Backup

Copy to local & network folders, USB, external hard drives. Drag and Drop, Done !

Multiple Computer Backup

Backup network computers. Each backup item can have multiple copies on the network.

Internal Cloud Backup

Build network storage by utilizing in-house computers to implement internal private cloud backup.

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Here are some key features of Backup Cow software:

  • Backup files to another computer on your local network (LAN) or remote network.
  • Remotely back up files between computers via Internet or Intranet.
  • Synchronize files between network computers automatically to make sure your backups are updated.
  • Backup data to network drives or network share folders.
  • Build your own network storage. (Make good use of internal computers that are connected over LAN or remote network.)
  • Back up files to the internal private cloud via flexible network connections (LAN, WLAN, Internet, Intranet)
  • Create multiple backup copies for each backup item across hybrid networks.
  • Encrypt files before backing up to the network computers or the internal cloud.
  • Retrieve backups anywhere with easy access to backups and the fast file locator.

Here is the main window screenshot of Backup Cow:

Finder Keywords

Please download this automatic network backup software from our website to get permanent free edition !

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What benefits will you get from Backup Cow software ?

  • Save your money spent on IT infrastructure for network backup solutions
    To meet the growing backup demand, many companies continually add backup applications, hard disks, storage devices, and servers with tape drives or libraries, to their infrastructure, which will cost a lot of money. Backup Cow can make good use of under-utilized networked computer harddisks within your organization to build internal network cloud storage. You can make a cloud without any additional hardware with this backup software. In addition, the remote network backup and transfer features will help your company backup data or transfer files to remote locations. It the best remote file backup solution and data transfer tool to send files and folders to your remote divisions, partners, and clients.
  • Back up your files in a reliable and secure way no matter it is for remote network backup or local network backup.
    Backup reliability and security are very important issues that you must consider when you choose backup software. This backup software let you set up backup cloud storage internally for your important files and sensitive data. You don't need to pay any online backup solution providers to store your data outside your organization. You can backup your computer files with more than one copy. With encryption and privacy features, Backup Cow will protect your files from being viewed by other users. You can transfer files by using MD5 file verification to enhance data transfer reliability. In addition, you can set a security ID number for your cloud computers so that any network users who don't know the ID are unable to connect to your cloud.
  • Keep your data up-to-date
    With the auto synchronization feature in this backup software, the source files and backups can be synchronized every a pre-set time interval. Even when you remotely backup files between your office and home, all the data can be sychronized and updated.
  • Obtain and share your files conveniently across networks
    You can back up, reach, search and share your files via flexible network connections inlcuding LAN or remote network (Internet and Intranet) . If your computer crashes, you can go to any cloud user computer to restore your backups from the cloud.

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Who will use this network backup solution?

At Work: (both Small Businesses and Enterprises)

As an IT manager, you must find a best network backup solution when the storage need is increasing very fast in the company. Your staff will ask to increase computer facilities and backup softwares. You will have questions like these: What is our best network backup software for our organization? Can I backup files to remote locations (divisions, branches, or client networks) Can I build private cloud storage at low cost ? How to build my own cloud in our networks? If your company is a big corporation with many computer networks in different locations, you must find some perfect network backup solutions to meet the backup needs in remote networks including VPN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

Backup Cow is a reliable and secure network backup software at the workplace. It is one of the best backup storage solutions, and more important, it is the lowest cost cloud storage builder software. You don't need to buy too many additional expensive hardware and backup softwares to implement your backup solutions. No matter your company is a big corporation or a small business, Backup Cow is the best backup sync software for network backup (including remote network backup and local network backup).

At Home: (Individual & Personal Network, Remote backup between office and home)

For many individuals, finding a backup solution at home is very important to protect your precious photos, images or pics, and useful documents, music, songs, mp3, video clips, etc. And most of those files and docs are private and you don't want to back up the private data and files outside with online cloud backup solutions or remote network backup services that require you pay monthly fee. You will have some questions like these: How to back up my computer files ? How to backup my photos ? How to build home cloud storage with my networked computers in my home network? When I work at home, can I back up my files to my company's backup server and also sync the files between my home pc and the network computers in the office ?

Try Backup Cow backup solution for free! Many families have more than one pc at home. They usually create a home lan for file transfer and file sharing. Is there a method to backup more than one computer each other with a home network backup software. You can build a home cloud for file backup and sync files betwee computers with Backup Cow software. In addition, you can install Backup Cow in your home pc to connect your company's computers in which Backup Cow software is also running, so that you can backup and access files between your home computer and the work computers accross networks. Backup Cow is network backup freeware

Friends and Community (Remote network backup or file transfer between your friends)

You can use Backup Cow software to build a private cloud in your networking community and friend circle, so that you and your friends can create a large storage pool together with individual computers to take good advantage of those hard disk space sizes for backup use. More important, you can share your files with your friends accoss networks so easily with Backup Cow software. Because Backup Cow software has a cloud security identification number setting, you can enhance the cloud security for your own community network or group. And you can set up several clouds with different security IDs for different groups of friends respectively.

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It's important to create local backups to an external drive or another computer in your network. External harddrive backup is unable to keep the data up-to-date. Instead, Backup Cow can synch the files between computers. Backup Cow is the easy network back up software to backup multiple computers in your enterprise network. This enterprise backup software is free to download and you can back up your networked computers with this network backup utility for permanent free edition. The software can backup all your network computers automatically and sync files across the network.

Backup Cow not only works for local area network- LAN backup, but also works for remote network backup. As a lan backup software, Backup Cow can back up and sync files across the ethernet. As the remote network backup software, Backup Cow can let you back up files to remote cloud network computers, and also let you access and restore your files via internet or intranet. So, if you need an automatic backup software for network, please download this enterprise network backup software. No matter your corporate network computers are connected by LAN, WAN, VPN, Internet, or intranet, Backup Cow is the most cost-effective and reliable software to back up your network computer files.

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Even though there are many network backup softwares available, but those networked backup software tools, like second copy, good sync, and allwaysync, don't have a "cloud backup" solution. Those network backup products cannot set up multiple backups across the network computers, neither can utilize hard drive storage in your networked computers for backup.

Is your business looking for simple, affordable network backup solutions? Backup Cow software is network backup software that's Simple-to-use and affordable. It's the best network backup solution for small and medium sized business, or private backup using. Don't buy expensive network backup solutions when Backup Cow has everything you ever need.

Backup Cow's licensing system provides a network backup solution for large computer environments with a special focus on the network environment. Backup Cow Solutions is designed to be reliable, easy-to-use and affordable. It can be used as a reliable network backup solution in networks with hundreds of computers connected to a variety of backup devices - music, hard disk, games, photos, programs and more.

Why use Backup Cow Unlimited Network back up programs ?

* It's simple to setup your network backup - the pop-up wizards makes scheduling a breeze.
* It's simple to use - no technical knowledge is required to run your backup strategy.
* It's affordable, and perfect for Enterprise and families.
* The storage is unlimited-backup the database storage into your own or private computers.

You see, other network backup solutions are often too expensive, and at the same time too bulky and complicated to use. Backup Cow is a lightweight, well-designed product that works.

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Backup Cow programs is a file unlimited network online backup solutions and computer backup software application, allowing the automation of replication between PC's & servers. Back up Cow systems replication & synchronization allows you the flexibility to setup multiple solutions, data protection & availability, file distribution, centralize backups, file sharing between remotes sites and more.

Network backup solutions are becoming more affordable and reliable every day. Making backups to DVD's, CD's, external hard drives, tape drives or USB flash drives is the most common way to backup information for most people. As we become more and more dependable on computers and the information we store on them, we need to start looking at more reliable ways of backing up our important information. Back UP Cow, a versatile data storage and backup appliance, automatically creates secure backups of all your data both onsite and offsite. No more haggling with cumbersome backup software or tape backup systems and no more monthly payments for an offsite backup service. You own your offsite backup solution. You keep your offsite Backup Cow at a place of your choice for secure data storage; no more offsite data storage in any mystical cloud! Own your own private cloud for your offsite backup.


Are you looking for an automatic network backup software product that can function well at your company and home ? Is there a free remote network backup software product ? Yes! Backup Cow is the best free network backup software and file sync solution, which also can build internal cloud storage in your office LAN , home network, remote network via Internet, or even corporate intranet to meet your growing backup demand.