How to Backup Network Drive to Local Drive on Windows?

You can use Backup Cow P2P, a handy backup software program, to back up network drive to local drive very easily. You just need some simple steps to backup a network drive to your computer.


Step 1: Download Backup Cow P2P


Download Backup Cow


The free download software package has a free version of network drive backup software. You may also upgrade it to a Professional version.


Step 2: Install and Run Backup Cow P2P on your computer.


If you need backup a mapped network drive to your PC, you just need run this network drive backup program on your computer only.


Network Backup Software


You don't need run the backup program on another computer where there are network drives or shared folders which are your backup destinations.


Step 3: Drag and Drop files from network drive to local drive to start backup:


Open Windows Explorer, Drag the files you wish backup from network drive or network shared folder


Network Backup Software


Drop the files into the backup software main Window ("My Computer" Area), then click "OK" to proceed.


Network Backup Software


So, if you want to back up files from network drive to local drive, please download Backup Cow P2P to implement network drive backup.




* How to add or change the backup destination to my designated local drive directory ?


During the backup settings setup process, you may click the "Backup to" tab; then click "Add Backup Destination", and you add another local drive or local folder as your backup destination. You may also uncheck the box of My Computer (C:\BackupCow.Storage) if you don't want to backup network drive to this local folder.


Network Backup Software


You may click "OK" to backup your network drive immediately to your local computer.


* How can I setup backup schedule and other settings for my network drive backup ?


You may click "Next" instead of "OK" on the above backup process to set up a backup schedule, enable backup encryption, create backup filter, and determine backup versioning when back up network drives



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Backup Scheduling Option


You can create a backup schedule to choose when and how frequently to backup your network drives or shared folders.

Network Backup Software


The backup scheduling software has a few options including: backup manually, every few minutes, backup every few hours, once a day, once a week, and backup once a month.


You may also check the box of "Backup Now (Immediately) to back up network drive right away or later. When backing up network drive or shared folder, you don't want to generate any negative impact on your colleagues who are using the computers which the network drives are located, for example, extra usage of network traffic and hard disk or memory resources will slow down those network computers. So, this backup schedule software setting let you select appropriate time to back up network drive to local drive.


When you click "Next" to "Advanced" tab , you may set more backup software options:


Encrypt Backups


Select "Encrypt backup files" to enable the backup data encryption option. You may set backup encryption password in order to protect your data when you backup network drives or shared network folders to local computer drives.


Network Backup Software



Backup File Filter


You may select source files on your network drive by setup a backup filter so that you don't need to select files one by one. You may specify file type, file size or unselect some files in a folder. This feature of the network drive backup software can save you a lot of time.


Network Backup Software



Backup Versioning Software Option


Backup Cow P2P is also reliable backup version software for Windows to allow users to keep several versions of backup files. After you backup from network drive to local drive, there might be some changes on those sources files. In some cases, you might make mistakes on file deletion or editing. It is necessary to keep some previous versions of the backups to retrieve history data. Here is the method of how to use this backup versioning feature:

Click "Save Deleted Files" to to make settings of backup versions, and select how many versions you want to keep. (The default backup version setting is "5 versions only".)


Network Backup Software


The above instructions are about how to backup Windows network hard drive to local drive. It is pretty simple and easy to use. On the other hand, the backup program settings let users perform reliable network drive backup more efficiently.

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FAQs on This Topic


  • Do I need to run Backup Cow P2P on another computer on which the network drive is attached? I just want to backup my network drive to my local drive?


If you just need backup your network drives (network mapped drives or shared folders), then you don't need to run Backup Cow P2P on another computer where the network drives or network shared folders are physically on another PC.

  • Can I backup a folder from a network drive folder to local drive on my computer?


Yes. What you need to do is: "Drag and Drop" the file. Open your Windows Explorer, look into the network drive location where you mount a network shared folder as a Windows mapped drive, drag the folder and drop it into "My Computer" in the program main window; then you can start backup from network drive to "My Computer". In addition, you may "Add Backup Destination" to backup network drive to another directory on your computer. You may do this in the tab "Backup to".

  • Can I backup files from my computer to a network drive? I need a network drive backup software that can not only backup from network drive, but also backup to network drive.

Yes, This network drive backup tool can do both two ways. You may use "drag and drop" method to copy files from network drive to local drive( "My Computer"); and you may create New Backup Job to select source files from your computer drive to backup to your network drives.


  • I try to backup a Windows network drive to a local drive on my PC, but it fails. How should I do?

Probably you don't have permission to read and write the network drive. There are two ways to resolve this issue. You need make the network drive readable and writable (full permissions). The other approach is to run Backup Cow P2P on the computer where the network drive is physically attached. For more details, please view how to backup files from one computer to another.


  • Is Backup Cow P2P auto network drive backup software for Windows platforms? All desktop and laptop computers in our company local network are Windows Os, such as Win 7, Win 8.1, Win XP, Win 2003, etc. We need backup network share to Windows computers.


Yes, Backup Cow P2P is automatic Windows backup software, which works on desktop or laptop computers where Windows is the operating system. The Win platforms can be Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, etc.


  • Can I backup network mapped drive to my local drive? My network dirve is a network mapped drive instead of a network hard drive ?

Sure, Backup Cow P2P cannot only backup network hard drive, but also backup network hard drive, NAS, network shared folders. Usually, network mapped drive backup is the most frequently used for users.


  • Can I backup files from NAS to my computer?

Yes, in Windows Explorer, find the network storage device (NAS drive), drag the files or folders inside the NAS you want to backup, and drop them into "My Computer" in Backup Cow P2P main window; then you can start backup from NAS to "My Computer".

  • Is Backup Cow P2P an absolutely free network drive backup software program ? I just need backup a few data from my network drive to my hard drive.

Yes. Backup Cow P2P can be said a absolutely free network drive backup program because it has a permanent free edition that allows backup users to back up files from network drive to your computer up to 1GB. Please go ahead to get the free download of the backup software and have free trial of all the features for network drive backup, LAN backup between computers, as well as remote backup over Internet.


  • How can I add multiple local drives as my backup destinations in a backup job? "Drag and Drop" methods seems that it only lets me to point to one backup target, the default local directory on "My Computer".

Please go to the "Backup to" tab and click "Add Backup Destination". You may select or add more local folders or drives as your backup target destinations.

  • Can I restore backup data from network drive to another PC that is not my computer where I initiated the backup job?

Yes. You can restore backup files from network drive to another computer even that computer is not the one you started backup process for those backup files.



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Backup Cow P2P is the great software to backup network drives, network shared folders, or network attached storage (NAS) to your local computer drives and folders. And you just need to install and run the network drive backup application on your own computer. So, the operation method is very easy and simple.


The backup software can backup and sync files between your computer and network drive, shared folders or other network storage devices such as NAS. Other rich backup software features are quite useful. You may set up automatic backup schedule, backup filter, file encryption protection, as well as back version quantity, so that you can reliably and efficiently perform Windows network drive backup .


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