How to Backup Files to Another Computer Over the Internet?

Backup Cow P2P is the best software to backup data to another computer over the Internet. The remote backup software allows users to backup between computers over the Internet/Intranet. And you just need a few simple steps to implement remote network backup from one computer to another.


Step 1: Download Backup Cow P2P.


Download Backup Cow


A remote backup freeware version is available in the free download software package..


Step 2: Install and run Backup Cow P2P on both local and remote computers respectively.


For example, if you want to remotely backup files from your computer to another computer, Johnson's computer, which are on two different remote locations, then you need run the backup software on your computer and Johnson's computer respectively.


Network Backup Software



Step 3: Connect two remote computers.


There are two methods to connect two computers over the Internet.


One is to "Sign Up a Group" to let both 2 remote computers to join the same network group.

The other is to "Connect to a Computer" by inputting the remote computer's IP address. This method is usually for advanced users. Now we firstly describe the remote network connection "Sign Up a Group". We will introduce the other method in the FAQ section below this instruction.


Sign up a network group:


Click the Network Mode's drop-down list, then click "Sign Up a Group"


Network Backup Software


Then input the required information to sign up a network group, for example, the network group name is "My_Office"


Network Backup Software


After you sign up a group, you will automatically go into a Network Group mode. It means you already join in the Network Goup "My_Office".

You may let the other computer user to join the same network group. In the Network Mode dropdown list, select "Join a Group".


Network Backup Software


Input the network group name and the password, and then click "OK"


Network Backup Software



After both two remote PCs join the same network group, My_Office, then these two computers can connect via the Internet. And on the Backup Cow P2P program window, you will see the other remote computer, JOHNSON, shows up.


Network Backup Software


After two network computers are connected, it is very simple to resolve how to backup one computer to another over the Internet. The backup method will be as easy as the way you backup your computer to another PC over local network.


Step 4: Start remote backup job


You may use two methods to select files and folders you wish to backup to another computer over the Internet.


Method 1: "Drag and Drop" - Open your Windows Explorer, Drag the files and folders you wish to back up, and then drop them into the target computer in Backup Cow P2P program main window.


For example, if you want to back up the folder "work - copy" from your computer to a remote computer, Johnson, then you may drag the folder and drop to the backup destination "JOHNSON" PC in the Backup Cow P2P software main window.


Network Backup Software



Method 2: Click "New Backup Job" button in the program main window, then "New Backup Job" window will pop out, and you may select your source files or folders.


Network Backup Software



After selecting the backup source files , you may confirm your remote backup destination is JOHNSON in the tab "Backup to".

Network Backup Software


Then you can click "OK" to start the backup process immediately. And you will start backup to another remote computer over the Internet.


Network Backup Software


The above instructions are about how to backup files from one computer to another over the Internet. The most key issue is how to connect two remote computers via Internet. The remaining steps are the same as the process of your local network backup: select the source files and select the backup destinations.


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Before you click "OK" to start the Internet backup process, you may also click "Next" to select other backup options for your remote backup task, which include arranging backup schedules, encrypting backup files before remote transfer, generating a backup filter to select backup files more easily, and setting how many backup versions you need keep.


Backup Schedule - A necessary option for backup to another remote computer


When you decide to backup your computer to another over the Internet, the remote computer on the other side will not be online. For example, when you want to backup files from office to your home's computer over the Internet, you have not turned your computer online. So, you must set up a backup schedule on your office computer in order to backup data several hours later after you go back home to have your own computer go online. The option to setup backup schedule in Backup Cow P2P can perfectly assist you in resolving this issue frequently happened in remote backup between computers.


You may set up backup schedule in the tab "Schedule":


Network Backup Software


You may select the following options in the backup scheduler for your data backup over Internet:

  • Remote Backup[ Manually
  • Remote Backup Every few minutes
  • Every few hours
  • Online Backup Once a day
  • Once a week
  • Once a month


In the backup schedule option settings, the check box of "Backup Now (Immediately)" lets you backup data to another pc over the Internet immediately or later. It can help resolve the above mentioned online backup problem that frequently happens in the cases of backup between home and office. On the other hand, it also help avoid the busy time of the Internet bandwidth usage. As we know backing up to another computer over the Internet usually costs much time and internet traffic.


To set other options for the Internet backup solution, then you will go to the tab "Advanced".


Backup Data Encryption - very important for data protection during backup over the Internet


Data security and privacy protection is one critical issue for all Internet backup services and online remote backup software solutions. When backing up to another computer over the Internet, users will concern about whether their data are intercepted and viewed by other parties because of online data transfer over Internet. The file encryption option will let you enable the backup encryption feature. You may set backup password so that all your files and folders will be encrypted when you backup data from one computer to another on network.


You may check the box of "Encrypt backup files" to set encryption password for your backup files :

Network Backup Software



Backup Filter - Increase the efficiency of your Internet backup process.


To help you easily select local source files and folders for online remote backup, the backup filtering option lets you quickly batch select appropriate files to be transferred to a remote location over the Internet.


You may include or exclude the files to proceed in the Internet backup process:

Network Backup Software


Backup Versioning


Backup Cow P2P has a feature file synchronization no matter you perform local network backup or remote network backup. That is, once the local source files are changed or newly created, all the updates will be synchronized to the backup destination. However, some incorrect changes will happen from time to time. It is necessary to keep previous versions of backups, especially for remote backup over the Internet because online file backup will usually be time-consuming. Backup versioning feature will help users can get a correct old version of the backup data locally without remotely backing up data again over the Internet.


You may set the backup version quantity in the section of "Save Deleted Files":

Network Backup Software


After you set up all backup option in the tab "Advanced", you may click "OK" to start the remote pc backup process.


So, Backup Cow P2P can be your best remote backup software to automatically sync and backup files between two computers over the Internet.

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FAQs on This Topic


  • Besides the "Join a Group" method, is there any other Internet backup connection method in this P2P backup software?


Yes. You may setup Internet connection between two remote computers by using "Connect to a Computer" method. You may also find this remote network connection option in the dropdown list of "Network Mode". You may input the IP address and port number of the other remote computer you wish to connect over the Internet.


Network Backup Software


If you don't know the remote computer's IP address and port number, you may check the Backup Cow P2P program running on the remote computer, and also open the window of "Connect to a Computer", then you may get the IP and port information in the tab "Your IP Address and Port Number".


  • Can I backup to another computer via the Internet if I don't know the remote computer's IP address?


Yes. It is not required to know the IP address of the backup destination computer when using Backup Cow to backup between computers over the Internet. Please see the instructions above on how to connect remote computers by joining the same group. As long as your routers can support UPNP, there is no problem to setup internet connection and backup between 2 computers over the Internet. (Nowadays, most routers can support UPNP)



  • Can I backup files to multiple remote computers over the Internet simultaneously? .


Yes. You may add more remote backup destinations in the tab "Backup to" during the backup process setup, and you need simply click "Add Backup Destination" and select more remote PCs as backup target locations. To let other remote computers show online to be available in the list of backup destinations, you must run Backup Cow P2P program on all other remote computers.


  • How to backup my computer to another computer remotely? I only install Backup Cow P2P on my own computer and I want to backup my pc over the Intenet to my office computer.


You must run Backup Cow P2P on another remote PC so that you can see the remote computer is online in your main program window. You may use remote desktop or Team Viewer to install the backup program remotely on that computer.

  • Can I use Backup Cow P2P to backup files to another computer over Intranet?

Yes, In addition to the Internet Backup, Backup Cow P2P can also back up files to another computer over Intranet, WAN, VPN or other remote networks as long as the remote network is based on TCP/IP protocol. So it is also become a wan backup software tool. That is, when each computer machine in your remote network has a IP address, you can backup to another computer over the remote network.

  • Is Backup Cow P2P an automatic remote backup software for Windows? All network computers in our corporation network are Windows systems, including Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, etc. We need do remote backup between Windows computers via the Internet.


Yes, Backup Cow P2P is Windows remote backup software. It can work on Windows desktop or laptop computers across corporation-wide networks. The Win platforms include Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Windows 2003, Win 2008, and so on.


  • Can I use Backup Cow P2P to backup to another laptop over the Internet ?

Yes, Backup Cow P2P can be your remote computer backup software. So, no matter you need do remote desktop backup or backup files between two laptops over the Internet, it works well for any scenarios as long as your Internet connection is fine.

  • Is Backup Cow P2P an absolutely free remote backup software? I just need to backup data from my computer to another over the Internet, and the file size is less than 100MB.

Yes, Backup Cow P2P is a free remote network backup software. Its permanent free version allows users to back up data up to 1GB. This free Internet backup software lets you have free trial of all the functions of both LAN backup and remote WAN backup. You may pay a reasonable low price to upgrade to a Enterprise edition to lift all the limitations in the free version remote backup software.


  • Can I "Drag and Drop" files to a remote PC which shows up in the backup destination list?

Yes. In addition to clicking "New Backup Job", you may simply drag the source files you wish to back up from your own local computer, and drag (point) to the remote backup computer target that already appears in the backup destinations area in the main program window.


  • Can I backup files from one computer to another over local network?

Yes. The software is not only a remote backup program, but also a LAN backup utility that can backup files to another computer over LAN (local area network), WLAN (Wireless LAN or Wifi local network). If the computers are in the same local network, they can connect together automatically without using any remote network connection methods mentioned above. Of course, those ways for network connection can also work for LAN computers.

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Backup Cow P2P is the best remote network backup software to let you backup files between two computers over the Internet. It offers flexible remote network connection methods to let you remotely transfer and back up files from one computer to another. Actually, you may automatically copy files to multlple remote computers at a time. This remote backup solution is better than other online backup services that mostly will store your data on public cloud storage. You don't need to pay monthly subscription fees for large file transfer and storage. The data encryption feature in this Internet backup software can protect your data security and privacy very well, and you don't need to put your data somewhere outside your organization. So, if you just want to backup files between computers over the Internet, say, between the office computer and your home computer, Backup Cow P2P is the best remote backup solution for you.


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