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Free Backup Software for Your PCShare:

Hard drive and system failures happen every day, whether it's just a breakdown - or a completely unexpected disaster. Selecting the correct backup software package is extremely critical. Your valuable documents, files and applications are simply too important to leave to chance. Can your business survive the loss of important data? Are you prepared to leave your critical files and personal, irreplaceable memories unprotected?

With our award winning software - Backup Cow, your files are completely protected and you can rest easy with full peace of mind. It is the best free backup software for your PC! With support for both backing up and syncing files between computers over the local network(LAN)or remote network(Internet/Intranet), it's easy to set up best practices and gain complete data security. Better yet, the newly designed backup wizards and faster backup speed make it easy to use and you can begin protecting your data within minutes.

Try Backup Cow Free!

Backup Cow provides the most robust feature set in its class:

  • Backup Wizards
  •     Easy-to-use backup wizards guide you through the entire backup process

  • Flexible Selection

  •     Choose to backup individual files, folders, drives or entire systems

  • All file types supported

  •     Documents, photos, emails, music, movies, software applications, and your entire windows system

  • Backup&Sync

  •     Once you install Backup Cow, you'll never have to remember to back up again. The automatic backup runs continually in the background, protecting new and changed files whenever your computer is connected to the internet.

  • Private Cloud Storage Builder

  •     The personal cloud backup pc software enpowers you to build private cloud storage with in-house computers

  • Best backup program for Windows 2003, XP, Vista, 7, and Windows 8

  •     Whatever Windows system you are running, Backup Cow will work for you

  • Compatible with iPhone/iPad application

  •     You can backup iPhone/iPad to your computer or your in-house cloud servers and access computer files or your own private cloud storage from your iPhone/iPad

  • Restore files out of disaster

  •     When you need to get your files back, Backup Cow walks you through an easy-to-follow process that restores your backed up files to the right place on your computer

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    What backup progrom should I use?

    Doing backups is kind of like eating healthier. Everyone agrees that we should and yet very few of us actually do. What program should you use? There are many, but the best is whichever one that you'll actually use. Among so many backup programs, the best free backup software for pc we will highly recommend is Backup Cow!

    What benefits will you get from Backup Cow?

  • Easy to install, easy to use - Back up in minutes with fast install and new easy-to-use wizards.
  • Complete Solution - File-level backup/restore and whole system disaster recovery all in one
  • Save Time & Get Peace of Mind - Disaster recovery protection disk in 3 easy clicks
  • In short, no loss of important files and data! Try our  Backup Cow free backup software for your PC free today! You will not be disappointed.

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