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I am evaluating this for our small company's use. I installed the Cloud Suite server software on a remote computer, and the client on one of our office PCs. I can access the remote computer using Remote Desktop Connection on port 3389 no problem. However, when I try to access the server from the office I cannot connect using ip nor the FQDN. When I signup on the client, what should I enter as the server address? I have tried 72.123.x.x, 72.123.x.x:3389,,, etc., but nothing will allow me to connect across the internet.


Please try to do as follows:

1. Check Internet Ip and Internet Port from BackupCow Server

2.  Input the Internet Ip and Internet Port in BackupCow Client

Try Backup Cow to back up and sync files between computers over local network or Internet/Intranet

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