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Computer backup is not only a must-have feature for corporate computer networks. Other users of home computers face problems, when their information was lost due to some hardware problems, viruses or simple user errors that are very common for inexperienced PC users. Computer backup is essentially needed, if you do some business at home and to be sure that your documents or mail history are properly protected from any damage. If you want to keep your home PC memory storages safe from any threads, you should use special backup software for PC that provides professional backup features in a hany and easy interface. 
After musch searching for the best PC backup software, it looks like we have a complete backup solution that will work for you. That's our Backup Cow free backup software, which provides basic and advanced features to ensure the safety of your system and data.
Backup Cow is a reliable and easy-to-use clone and backup software which allows computer users to easily backup and sync files between multiple computers, such as a desktop and laptop, a home and work computer or a local computer and a remote computer. You can also build your own cloud storage by utilizing in-house Windows computers. Backup, sync and access your files securely and reliable. Just give it a Try before you purchase!
What are the amazing features of Backup Cow?
* Backup Cow can work on all Windows platforms
No matter what Windows system you are running, Backup Cow will work for you. Please go to download this free backup software from
* You can manually automate or schedule your backups
The system will sync backups between multiple computers from time to time, because all the backup items will be updated periodically every specific time interval that you can set. 
Automatically back up your files in an easy and reliable way
Backup Cow is a powerful software for cloud backup, which allows you to build private cloud storage for your important files and sensitive data. With encryption and privacy features, Backup Cow will protect your files from being viewd by other users. You can set a security ID number for your cloud computers so that other network users who do not know the ID are unable to connet to your cloud.
* Share and obtain your files conveniently
You can easily connect 2 PCs to back up, share and get your files over Local Network (LAN) and Remote Network(Internet/Intranet). If your computer cashes, you can go to any other cloud computer to restore your backups from the private cloud.
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  • Taking into account all aforementioned benefits, Backup Cow is the best backup software for PC that you can get for free trial. Its free package is more than enough to provide you reliable data backup.
  • Most computer backup softwares are too complex. Too many features, too many buttons, too much confusion. Backup Cow solves this problem by giving you a low cost, easy to deploy solution that can help you easily and instantly back up and sync files between computers . If you still do not have Backup Cow, get it today! 

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