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If you need standalone software to back up pc or backup files to external hard drive,  Backup Cow should be your best choice because of its great backup and sync features as well as its "ease-of-use". You just need simple steps to backup files to another computer or external harddrive. The program has free version that can meet your general backup needs. You can get this best backup software free download from

As we know, data backup is a very important routine task everyday in office. No matter you want to backup to another pc, backup to network drive or external hard disk, you must find a pc backup software that can meet the following criteria to ensure the backup job is reliable and easy enough.

First, the pc backup program can back up data to multiple destination so that it can fulfill the work requirements in different scenarios. Sometimes you need to backup files to a removable  hard drive for an instant usage for a project out of your company. Maybe you also need to make a schedule backup on Windows 7, and you may either back up data to another computer or a network drive. The best backup pc software must offer these options to allow you to store data wherever the available pc storage is located.

Second, the pc backup tool should sync files between two PCs. That is, the backup copies should be updated accordingly when the soruce files are changed. So you can always sync the data between computers or between the source location and the target location. In this way, you will have the latest version of the files you wish back up.

Third, the computer backup software must have a feature to let users encrypt the data before they copy them to another location. The encryption feature can protect your data which are stored on another pc on network. Other users must provide a password if they want to download and view the encypted backup files.

Fourth, easy-to-use is a very key issue for any software product, especailly for those software programs which are called "best". 

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