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Backup Cow P2P is the best network backup software for Windows.  You can use this handy backup utility to perform automated backup to network drive, network shared folders and other network storage such as NAS. On the other hand, the simple backup program also lets you backup network drive to any computer on network. You may have a look at the following webpage to see how to backup to network drive with Backup Cow software.

In the above web page, you may see how the network backup drive software lets you use several simple steps to backup data from your computer to network drives, shared folders or network attached storage. Here the summary steps:
  • Download the network drive backup software (It is a free download)
  • Run the network drive backup program on your own computer
  • Create a new backup job
  • Select source files you wish to backup to network drive
  • Add backup destination - select network drive (mapped network drive) or network shared folders as your backup target
  • Click "OK" to start automatic backup to mapped network drive
The process is almost the same as local drive backup or computer to computer backup. That is, select the source files or folders and select backup destinations; if necessary, you may also setup backup schedule, backup filter, backup encryption password, as well as backup version quantity. (backup history verisons)

In the FAQ section of the instructions page,  you may also find how to backup network drive to local drive by simply using "Drag and Drop" method:
  1. Open Windows Explorer, go to the network drive, drag the files or folders  you need back up to local hard drive
  2. Drop the files or folders into "My Computer" in Backup Cow P2P program main window
  3. Start backup from network drive to "My Computer" automatically
Definitely, you may select more than one local hard drive or folder as your backup destination by clicking "Add Backup Destination" during the backup process. Also, the program is not only a network hard drive backup software, you can use it for backups on network mapped drive, shared folder, local hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, as well as any network computers.

The network drive backup software can work with all Windows platforms, such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, etc. No matter you want to back up files from your Windows computer to a network hard drive, network mapped drive, network shared folder, NAS (network attached storage), or vice versa.  this network drive backup tool can meet your needs perfectly.

The software vendor also offers a free version for this network drive backup application, which allows users to back up data upto 1GB. And the free trial version lets you to evaluate all the features of the backup software. You can upgrade your version to get a commercial license software by paying a flat price.  So you can say Backup Cow P2P is a network drive backup freeware or shareware.

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