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How to Setup and Use Backup Cow SyncShare:

Here are some instructions on how to setup and use Backup Cow Sync Software.
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===== Backup Cow Sync Setup Method ======

The software package has two parts: one is for server; the other is for client computers.

1. Run BackupCowSyncServer_Setup.exe to install Backup Cow Sync Server program on server;
   then run the Server program. A Server ID of the server will be generated.

2. Run BackupCowSyncClient_Setup.exe to install Backup Cow Sync Client on client computers.
   then run the Client program.

3. On client program, sign up an account and log into the server with Server ID/IP, user name and password.

That's it!

===== How to Use Backup Cow Sync =====
Backup Cow Sync, similar to Dropbox, can back up and sync files between computers through a self-hosted server.

Client users can drop files into "Backup Cow Folder" to perform backup and sycn process after logging into the server from the client program.

* Open "Backup Cow Folder"
Right click the tray icon of Backup Cow Sync, then click "Backup Cow Folder"
You may create new files in this folder, or drop files inside.

* Drop Files into "Backup Cow Folder"
Two methods:
1. Right click a file or folder, then click "Drop to Backup Cow Folder".

2. Open the folder with files you need backup, drag the files and drop into "Backup Cow Folder".
(If you need copy, not move those files, you need also hold "Ctrl" when dragging the files) 

===== How to Sync Files =====

* Back up and sync to server
  All the files in "Backup Cow Folder" will be backed up to server;
  Once there are new file updates in the folder, they will be synced back to server

* Sync Files between Computers on Different Locations
  A client user can log into server from any client computer to access files of the client user's account.
  When a client user makes changes on those files, all the updates will be synced back to server.
  Therefore, you can access and work on your files on different computers anywhere, and always get consistent files.

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