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* I have 7 remote sites that I will be backing up within the private cloud, each site has about a terrabyte of data.  I want to do a local backup of the data, then drive to my office and upload to the backup server, once this is done then have the software synchronize the data over the internet. Is it possible with Backup Cow??

Yes. Backup Cow can fully meet your needs. Here are some key points:
1. Run Backup Cow program on all computers involved (remote and local machines, source and destination computers)
2. For the computers with source data, you may disable/uncheck "Share My Disk Space" in Settings--Cloud--Share Settings. For the destination computers, you may set "Maximum Share Space" for the above setting, so that the storage is enough to store backup data.
3. You may use "Remote--Join a Group" to connect all computers including source computers and destination computers. It means every computer log in the same group in Backup Cow.
4. You may also flexibly select/unselect destination computers: Run Backup Cow on each source computer, Network Backup --Internal Backup Status--My Backup Cloud (this tab is on the bottom of the program window)-- Select a destination computer then right click  to select "Not Backup" if you don't want to backup data to the selected computer. The default setting is "Backup to this --Yes"
5. You can make a copy to a PC on the local network, and make another second copy to a remote server. You can set in Settings--Backup--Copy Quantity =2
6. To sync the data between the source computers and the destination computers, you may select the sync time in Settings--Backup-- Default Synchronization Settings (on the source computers)

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