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Are you prepared for a home office disaster? Are you looking for a reliable home office backup software ro remotely back up office computer to home computer? Backup Cow can be your best free office home backup software, which can back up, sync, transfer and share files from home to office over remote network. The software can also supply private cloud backup solutions to help you build internal private cloud storage by utilizing in-house computers.


Here are Key Features of Backup Cow, which is the best free program to backup between office and home:


 * Backup Cow is compatible on all Windows platforms (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7)

      Whatever Windows system you are running, Backup Cow will work for you - with no added dramas. Please download this free home office backup software from

* Your Backups can be fully automated or scheduled manually

All backup items will be updated periodically every a certain time interval that you can set. That is, the system will sync backups between multiple computers from time to time.

* Automatically Back up your files in a reliable and secure way

     Backup Cow lets you set up private cloud storage internally for your important files and sensitive data. You don't need to pay any online backup solution to store your data outside your organization. You can backup your computer files with more than one copy. With encryption and privacy features, Backup Cow will protect your files from being viewed by other users. You can set a security ID number for your cloud computers so that any network users who don't know the ID are unable to connect to your cloud.

* Share and obtain your files conveniently

You can back up, reach, and share your files via flexible network connections including  Local Network (LAN) and Remote Network (via Internet/Intranet). If you want to backup your home computer to offce computer, you must choose connection over remote network to make remote network backup. If your computer crashes, you can go to any cloud user computer to restore your backups from the private cloud.


Why do you need office to home backup solutions?


You might think you’re OK until you find out that your important client files or business documents are gone. It happens every day to thousands of computer users. “What is the best way to backup my data?” Many people call up asking this question. The real answer is that the more you do to back up your data, the better off you and your data will be. A useful home office backup software or solution is rarely appropriate for you to backup and sync your important files from office to home or from home to office.


Today many of us work with more than just one computer. For instance, you can use one PC in your office and another at home, etc. In such case you probably want the files you work with to be the same on all the computers you are using. In addition, you also want to prevent your valuable data from being lost at both home and office. Here we run into the task of backing up and synchronizing files between home and office computers over remote network with Backup Cow software.

How to back up my office computer to my home computer remotely?

Here are the steps:  

* Run Backup Cow on both computers at home and your office.

* In your home computer's Backup Cow: Remote Network --> Connect to a Computer --> Input your office's internet IP and port number (usually the port number is 9595, or you may find it in your office computer's Backup Cow), then click OK.

* On the computer you wish back up the source files, go to Settings --> Backup --> Synchronization Settings --> Input the 1440 minutes for auto sync backup time. (60 mins*24 hr =1440 mins.)

* Then you can select files and folders to back up daily.


Another remote network connection option is "Remote Network -- Join a Group" if your home computer has a direct Internet connection with a dynamic Internet IP)

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We all know that someday something will happen, and when that day comes you will be happy to have your files in backup with Backup Cow, because it is the most effective method of preventing data loss on your computer systems. It is also a very useful and powerful home office backup software that you should certainly take into account. Try this automatic backup utility right now to between home and office! From now on, you can just "set it and forget it". All your data will be there when you need it.

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