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Everyone has some type of information on their computer that they may not realize is important until they loose it. For example, Internet bookmarks, documents, financial data, saved e-mail, music, pictures, saved games, etc. Also, your computer may appear to be working normally, but it or the hard drive in it could fail at any time and without notice. Backing up your computer is an important step every computer user should take do if they do not want to loose any of their valuable data.

With our promising software - Backup Cow, your files are completely protected and you can rest easy with full peace of mind. Better yet, it's easy to use and you can begin protecting your data within minutes. It will be your best free pc backup program to automatically backup and synchronize files between computers.

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Here are some advantages of using Backup Cow free computer backup software:

* Best backup software to backup files to another computer, network folders, local folders, USB, and external hard drives

* Synchronize files between computers automatically

* Create multiple backup copies for each backup item

* Encrypt files before backing up to the cloud

* Retrieve backups anywhere with easy access to backups and the fast file locator

* Build private lan cloud storage for home or office (Actually you can also create your own cloud storage on Internet with this backup software)

* Automatically back up and sync files to a private cloud via flexible network connections (LAN, Internet, Intranet). It is an easy-to-use and cheap inhouse remote backup free software.

* Free version is available. Download the best automatic laptop backup software to have a free trial!

Backup Cow is a simple backup freeware that can meet all your backup needs, no matter your backup destinations are remote or local. Using this handy computer backup software, you can easily and quickly backup files from one computer to another, from laptop to desktop. If you are seeking a software to backup between networked computers, Backup Cow is a good choice for you!


File Transfer and Sharing

Folder Transfer, a sister product of Backup Cow, can send large files and folders to your friends or colleagues simultaneously over Internet or local network. You can also share files across network with the tool that can support breakpoint transmission.

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