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Backup Files Between ComputersShare:

If you have multiple computers you can backup your files between computers using Backup Cow.

Backup Cow is a free automatic backup application to periodically backup and sync files between networked computers (LAN and Remote PCs). It automates the backup process to save your time and encrypts your documents, photos, music, programs, mails and much more from partial or total loss. It is safe, reliable and easy-to-use.

Why choose Backup Cow FREE Software?

* Secure backup of all your important files for FREE

* Easy-to-use wizard-driven interface – perfect for beginners

* Restore your data in minutes

* Fast, efficient, full-featured backup solution

Download Backup Cow now !

How to use Backup Cow to back up data between two computers over network? How to backup files to another computer's network drive?

You just need to run Backup Cow application on each networked computer, which you wish to backup from or backup to, then you can backup and sync files between computers. So you need run Backup Cow on at least two networked computers in order to implement network backup.

As for creating the private cloud storage, it is the same way. You just need to run Backup Cow application on each netwotked computer that will be a cloud node or cloud user. Any network users can be a cloud storage contributor or consumer or both! Any cloud user can back up their files on to the private cloud.

Find out more on the the Features page, Online Manual page, by looking at Screenshots, and place your order on our Buynow


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