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How to back up data of one computer to another one connected on lan? Are you seeking an easy windows 8 backup software? Try Backup Cow, which is a full featured, simple to use, easy to install, FREE back up software for you to back up and sync files between computers over local network or Internet/Intranet.

Backup Cow has become the favoured easy backup and synchronization solution of individuals or businesses in the world. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, at home or work, Backup Cow ensures your most valuable asset, data, remains protected. Start protecting your important data now by downloading a free trial.

Feature Highlights

Backup - Protect your data

Backup all your important files anytime with a single click or use the scheduler to automate your backups.

Synchronize - Work with 2 or more computers
Run simultaneous backups to ensure your workstation, laptop, and networked computers have the same files.

Restore - Recover your lost files easily

When disaster strikes, click a single button to restore. Save stress and time with a simple recovery process.

Continous Backups - Does what is required

Only new and changed files are copied. Continous backups are supported, and variables can be used, e.g. backup to a folder based on the current date.

Private Cloud Backup - Set up your personal cloud backup

Build internal private cloud storage by utilizing Windows computers.

Automation - Set it and forget it
Once you've created your backup/sync profile you can have it scheduled to run without taking any actions. You don't need to remember to backup your files.

Secure - Keep confidential data private
Encrypt backups with a pre-set password. Military level security ensures your peace of mind.

Supporting Windows 7, 8, Vista, & 64-bit - Optimized for all Windows systems
Backup Cow is an easy backup software for Windows, which has undergone exhaustive testing by the technical team and users on the ground to ensure compatibility.
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Backup Cow is a versatile file backup and synchronization program with two main suits:

P2P Suit - Backup and Sync Files Between Computers

You can back up files to pc, network drives/shared folders, local folders, or external hard drives. Read more Read more

Private Cloud Suit - Build Internal Cloud Storage for Data Backup

It is easy to create your own cloud storage by utilizing in-house Windows computers. Implement internal private cloud backup and file synchronization at low cost. Read more Read more

How to backup any network PC? How to setup personal cloud backup? View Online Manual page.

Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow

Save Your Data with Easy Backup Software - Backup Cow!

Saving files on your hard drive is an easy part, but choosing how to back up those files can be more difficult.

Why do you need backup programsIf you ever have a hard drive fail, or are hit with an impossible-to-remove virus, a complete backup of your files, drives is the simplest way to return things to normal. 

There are many backup software products on the market, but chances are you won't find a backup program as easy-to-use or as nicely priced as Backup Cow.

There are many important benefits that you get when choosing Backup Cow over other backup programs. We trust that Backup Cow will fully meet your expectations and because of that we offer you a permanent free version, in which you can evaluate all features of the Software: Download Backup Cow.

Save time by automating your backups

To make sure that your data is safe simply schedule Backup Cow to run backups automatically. You'll have an unnoticed backup solution in place and save precious time by not having to manually back up your data.

Low-cost but powerful Pro or Ent edition available

You are available to enjoy the permanent free edition or upgrade to Professional or Enterprise edition to get rid of some limitations. We offer a flat price so you don't have to pay too much.

Ensure your important data

It's known to all that hard drives fail, only a matter of time until they do crash. Would your business survive if you would lose all your data? What about all those precious personal photos of your children growing up? If you start backing up your data with Backup Cow you'll avoid such risks.

Automatic free updates

If a new version of Backup Cow has been released, a notice will pop up and ask you to update your current version to the latest one after Backup Cow is running. All minor updates are free of charge, so you don't have to pay for a new version.

Don't miss out on the many potential benefits which Backup Cow has brought to you. Once you have tried Backup Cow, you will love it immediately and realize soon that backing up files to another pc will become easier and faster!

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