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The Best Backup Solution for PC

When we are seeking for the best Windows(WIN7,WIN8,WIN XP) backup software, we would choose products that are dependable  yet very easy to use. The data each person stores on their computer is different, so you need to choose data backup software that meets your specific needs.Backup Cow is a simple,reliable  and  secure software which can meet all your needs.
Local Backup
Multiple Computer Backup
Internal Cloud Backup

It is no worse than the computer shut down or there are some malfunctions in your PC.You need to backup your data to another computer in a fast and simple way.However,you may not backing up your files regularly.You may found some backup tools can not backup files in a specific time or it will auto stop backing up!This kind of backup solution does not make sense !See?Not every backup tool is reliable and secure.Take USB and hard drives as example. You can do a lot to protect these files of course, but sometimes hard drives do fail. In those moments having a backup is crucial.
PC owners have a wide variety of options when it comes to backup software. We have  documented most of them in the past, but they had never been compiled in a single list. It’s always easier to figure out what you’re interested if everything’s in one place, so without further adieu I give you the top ten free PC backup solutions.

Backup Features about Backup Cow
----Backup Cow software has two parts ,they includes P2P Suit and Private Cloud Suit.

*Network Backup Software 
---- Back up your files to multiple computers via LAN  or remote network (Internet/Intranet)

---- Computers can connect together  by LAN, or joining a virtual network group, or direct remote access (inputting IP/domain and TCP port number)

*Dependable Backup Program 
---- Back up your files and folders to other computers including their network drives or shared folders

---- Backup copy quantity can be increased to any number

---- Duplicate backup copies of each file will never locate on a same computer

----Redo backup tasks automatically if a backup destination computer has a malfunction

*Create Private Cloud Storage
---- Transform network computers to be a private cloud. All computers running the Server program will automatically connect together to be the cloud storage.

---- Unlimited Storage with Backup Cow : Increase cloud storage as large as you wish

---- Smart Resilience: 
Self-Re-paring Cloud with a dynamic server (master node). Redo backup tasks automatically when a cloud node has a malfunction

---- Easy setup and deployment: Any user can run the Client program to back up data to the cloud storage

*Cloud User Encryption
----Users can make their files invisible and inaccessible to other cloud users. (in both File Search and Restore sections)

How to backup to another computer on the network?

Step 1: Click "Add Backup Item" button on "Backup" section.
Step 2: Select the folders or files you wish to back up. ( Or Drag and Drop folders or files into the backup item box from Windows Explorer.)
Step 3: Select the network computers you want to back up to.
Step 4 Set Synchronization, Save Deleted Files and Encrypt Backups in "Genernal".
Step 5 Filter files to be considered for Backup or to be ignored while copying.

How to Set Up Internal Private Cloud Storage
----You just need install the server program on each computer that will be a cloud server, then all these servers will connect together automatically to be the in-house private cloud.
Why you need Backup Cow?
Files can be lost from your computer in any number of ways—you might accidentally delete a file by mistakes, or a virus might wipe one out. You can also have a complete hard drive failure. When a hard drive broke , it's kind of like having your money was stolen by thief. Important personal items are usually gone forever—travel photos, significant documents, downloaded music, or something else.

Thankfully it has  a really simple process these days to back up your content within seconds, or remote  locations. By Backup Cow, your files can be protected against viruses or complete computer failure. This makes it easy to restore  and place them on a new hard drive and get going again.If you are still looking for a dependable and simple way to backup,get started with Backup Cow!


I really like Backup Cow, because it is the best backup solution I've never met before!

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