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Best Free Backup Software

Backup Cow provides unlimited backup services and syncing files between computers. With this best free backup software, you can back up files locally or remotely to another computer. 
Key Feratures:
  • * Unlimited backup space
  • * Automatic backup
  • * Reliable file syncronization
  • * Easy file search and access
  • * Secure private cloud storage
  • * Convenient to use in iPad/iPhone
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  • Backup Cow is among the very best unrestricted backup suppliers. Our service makes file backup simple due to the fact that of our simple installment, a lot of backup choices, a clean iPad/iPhone app, and fast file restore. Give a free try right now!

Full Review
Setting up Backup Cow is unbelievably simple. Go to download the latest version of Backup Cow from the Download page and install on each computer of the network. It takes around several mins to totally set up the software application, make folder choices and start to back up files.
Backing up files with Backup Cow is quick and automatic. Right away follow the Online Manual then you can make fast and easy file backup. 
Preliminary backups take a while dependenting upon how much you are backing up. We suggest just picking necessary files for backup. It is not good to backup huge files at a time.
Backup Option: Advanced Scheduling
This is a really good looking easy backup option that is basically a "set it and forget it" kind program. The choice is ideal for those who are actively utilizing their computer system on a schedule. It is extremely simple to setup utilizing the developed in wizard and when folders and files are chosen for backup they will be constantly be kept track of and backed up at periods without any more individual intervention.
Backup Option: Security
You can encrypt backups with a pre-set password so that only computers with the same security ID can be connected together. It is neccessary for any users to obtain encrypted files.  
Backup Option: My Shared Path
The share attribute is simple to make use of with Backup Cow.  You can also set your shared path to let other network users to back up their files onto my shared path anytime. 
iPad/iPhone App
Backup Cow lets you back up all your photos, docs, and videos to your any computers and iPad/iPhone. Acess any computer files from your devices including iPhone, iPad and Pc.
Bring back files
Fixing is basic. You can make use of the software application merely by pushing "Restore". Browse to the files and pick a location to download them to.
Backup Cow offers you the choice to download specific files. It is not the very best for downloading files in bulk. The software application is a much better device for recovering. 
Backup Cow is definitely excellent for those who are searching for an easy, budget-friendly and automatic backup option. It includes a lot of choices to assist your backup be as effective as feasible. The iPad/iPhone app is astonishing and works perfectly with the item. Since Backup Cow makes file backup and private cloud storage simple and easily accessible for everybody to comprehend, we have huge fans.
>>Features       >> Screenshots         >> Buynow         >> Online Manual
Do not waste your time searching for a fast backup software: you have already found it here!


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