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Non-stop Backup Software

Backing up your important files, or perhaps your entire hard drive, is one of the most valuable maintenance tasks you could possibly do on your computer. With your data backed up, a hard drive crash or accidental deletion won't be nearly as painful.

Backup Cow is an non-stop backup software, which makes backing up your data fast and automatic. It has the ability to work as a great back-up utility. You can backup your entire system, certain files and folders, or even certain types of files like music, music, etc. - whatever is important to you. Download here and try it right now.

Backup and restore wizards of the file and folder backup spftware make it easy to keep your data safe and restore it after an emergency. Backup Cow stores all your data and makes it available to you anytime you want it, anywhere you go, on any computer you have. Even if you lose a file it is easy to recover them as the program supports a convenient restore tool that replicates folder trees along with the files in them. 

If you do not want to manually backup folders every time, or perhaps transfer files regularly, you can set the File Syncronization for doing for the backup job efficiently and effectively. The program can monitor any changes in source files or folders for each item, and allow you to sync the folders automatically.It keeps a back-up of only those files that have changed for speedy real time backups. 

The most prominent feature of Backup Cow is to help you build internal private cloud storage by using in-house computers. It allows you to build your own cloud storage via flexible network connections (LAN, Internet, Intranet) and implement private cloud backup and file synchronization at affordable cost.
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