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Backup Your Computer, Backup Your Life!

If you've ever been in a situation in which you've almost completed an important project, but only to have your computer spontaneously crash seconds before hitting the "Save" button, you understand how frustrating losing your data can be. If you don't want to lose all your important files - everything from business files, to familly photos, to your favourite music collections, you must do regular backups. There are so many backup softwares available that can backup your computer files. But which one can fully meet your needs?
Backup Cow is an excellent backup utility for you to backup files to another computer over the network. It's free, easy to use and have everything you might need. You can easily backup your local files and folders to anywhere on your computer, network drives, external hard drives, iPhone/iPad, and even build own cloud desktop backup by utilizing in-house computers. Plus it can be set to run automatically on specified time intervals. Here are some advantags of using Backup Cow:
- Secure Backup
  Backup Cow takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are encrypted with the same security as banks use.
- Sync Multiple Computers
  Our clever sync feature allows you to sync files between multiple computer automatically. No need for slow transfer of files between computers again.
- 100% Automated
  Automatically backup your computer silently in the backgroud to a schedule of your choice without your having to do anything.
- Unlimited Storage
  Unlike other computer backup software providers we don't limit the amount of files you can backup, enjoy the freedom of unlimited backup storage.
Bring back files
 Fixing is basic. You can make use of the software application merely by pushing "Restore". Browse to the files and pick a location to download them to.The software application is a much better device for recovering. 
- Permanent Free Version 
  We will provide free trial for all the features of the software, so that all the users have chances to know wether the computer internal software backup can meet their needs. If they want to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise edition to get rid of some limitations in the free version, they can clearly understand when they do the upgrade, and which version they may purchase. 
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  • Per the advantage above, we can say Backup Cow is the best free backup software for your eveyday life. You may have a look on the website of this backup product: 
  • Use Backup Cow to backup your computer and backup your life. You will never lost or be without your files again!


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