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Backup Network Shared Files on Windows

How to backup network shared files to your Windows computer automatically? If you manually copy files from network shared folders to your own local drives, it will not be able to always get the updated files and all the procedure is quite a bit troublesome. Why not use a prpfessional network share backup software to do it for you? You may try Backup Cow P2P software. Here is the webpage to tell you how to backup network drive/network shared folders to your local drive.

Even though  the webpage title is "Best Software to Backup Network Drive to Local Drive", actually the method described can be also applied to any case of backing up network shared folders/files to local drives on Windows computers.
In summary, here are the steps to backup network shares:
  1. Open Windows Explorer, and go to the network place where your network shared files are located.
  2. Drag the files or folders you wish to back up.
  3. Drop to "My Computer" in the main program window of Backup Cow P2P
  4. Click "OK" to start network share backup
Certainly, you may click "Add Backup Destination" in the "Backup to" tab in order to change your backup target directory.
Also, the backup schedule feature allows users to set up automatic schedule or file synchronization interval to make sure the all the updated files in the network shared folders will be backed up again to your local computer.
The software can work with most Windows platforms. So there is no problem for you to backup network shared files to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP or other Windows PC machines.
As long as your Windows computer has permission to read and write data in the network mapped drives or shared folders, then you can use Backup Cow P2P to perform data backup between network shared and local drives on your own computer. 


This is best network share backup software. It is pretty fast and easy to backup network drive using Backup Cow P2P. It allows me to backup network shared folders to the local drive in a quick way.

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