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Is Backup Cow P2P a Network Backup Software Program?

P2P backup usually means peer to peer backup, and sometimes it will be called point to point backup. Backup Cow P2P is a kind of this software to backup data between computers, network drives, network shared folders, external hard drives and so on. Here is the detailed introduction webpage:

Some new users think Backup Cow P2P is just a software tool to do backup on one computer, and at most, backup to another computer's shared folders. So when they try Backup Cow P2P, they just install and run the program on one computer. It is fine that they just run Backup Cow on one computer system if they want to back up data to another pc and the backup destination folder is shared by that pc user. They actually don't know Backup Cow P2P is also network backup software program.  That is, even the other network computer users don't share their folders, you still can back up files to another computer. Certainly, you must run Backup Cow P2P on another network computer. 

In the same local network, Backup Cow will let computers connect together automatically. Every user can see other networked computers in the main Backup tab of the program. You can backup computer files to another network PC easily by dragging files into the target computer. Backup Cow P2P is a simple local network backup software to let you backup files to another network computer even though you don't have permissions to read and write data for any folder on that network computer. 

Backup  Cow P2P can also be your remote network backup software. You may backup data to another remote computer over the Internet. There are two network connection modes that you can perform remote backup: "Join a Group" or "Connect to a Computer". You can backup files to other remote locations over the Internet by using Backup Cow P2P, which is an easy to use remote backup software product.

In fact, you can not only implement point to point backup, but also do backups among multiple computers. You may backup data to more than one computer or location at a time. So Backup Cow P2P is a very flexible network backup program. And its free version also offers free trial of all features in the Professional and Enterprise editions, which can evaulate how the software works for both local network and remote backup backup tasks.


Backup Cow P2P provides an easy process to backup my files over the network.

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