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Backup and Sync Software for Network

Will you be ready if a computer disaster happens ? You can either purchase an external hard drive to back up or use BackupCow to back up your files to another computer on your local network. But backup with external hard disk cannot sync your files automatically like our backup software with synchronization . BackupCow automatically safeguards your files, music, photos and other important documents by syncing files between computers.

With this automatic backup and sync software, you can periodically synchronize or backup files to any pc in your local network (LAN) . You can back up multiple computers across network, and restore or share files with someone on another computer. If you are thinking about backing up one computer to another over network, Backup Cow is an ideal backup utility for network to backup or synchronize your files and folders to another computer or a network drive automatically. In addition, You can not only back up files to another PC in your LAN, but also use the remote backup solution provided by this file backup software for all of your PCs, regardless of their locations. Backup Cow can backup files over network, including Internet and Intranet.

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