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Backup Cow is a low-cost private cloud storage software product that can build true and easily deployable private cloud storage within your corporation network. You just need to use your in-house computers to build your own internal private cloud storage that provides a way to consolidate, standardize and  virtualize enterprise data storage. Any networked computer user can backup files onto other computers, which are the private cloud nodes. You can sync the files between cloud user computers and the cloud storage nodes. Please visit the following website of this private cloud storage builder:

Backup Cow is one of the best private cloud storage softwares to build internal cloud for your enterprise backup needs.
Even though public clouds offer provisioning storage via internet, they have many shortcomings for enterprise backup. Public cloud services like Dropbox, Live Drive, SugarSync,, etc., can serve the needs of accessing data across all the configured systems over internet, but usually they cannot meet the enterprise-level requirements of the backup and storage needs:
  • Enterprise Storage Performance: if you use those external cloud backup services, you have to transfer files and data via Internet. The data transfer stability and bandwidth usage limitation will greatly reduce the storage and backup performance.
  • Data Security and Privacy: In most cases, enterprise data are quite important to be kept in house. The public cloud backup will let you store data and files outside your organization. You need build a secure private cloud storage in your own entity.
  • Dynamic Scalability: You must find a storage solution for any changing and growing enterprise backup needs.
  • Large File Transfer: It will take hours to back up a large file to a public cloud. And the cost of data transferring will be increased greatly. Instead, Backup Cow can transform your private network into a private cloud, you can transfer files via local network (LAN) or Intranet. This software price is cheap enough even for a small business company.
In a word, companies need to create private cloud storage for their growing internal backup needs. Backup cow the best private cloud storage software, which is a great internal network backup solution with high-performance, high-availability, dynamic scalability, and simplicity for cloud deployments. You can use this private cloud storage builder tool to set up an in-house cloud storage architecture in minutes to offer scalable, high-performance storage services in your datacenter or on-premises private cloud.

Backup Cow is a low-price and easy to use internal storage builder and backup software utility. Your private network backup cloud created by this software doesn't require significant management effort. Many big private cloud storage  solution providers will ask you to purchase additional hardware and software to build a private cloud storage platform, and implement a private, public, or hybrid cloud storage environment, which will cost you a lot of money. In addition, they will charge you expensive maintenance service fees. Unlike those big players in private cloud computing area, whose private cloud solutions are always expensive and complicated,  Coding Best Software released a low cost, easy to deploy, but reliable private cloud storage software - Backup Cow. You can make a private cloud computing infrastructure with minimum hardware within your company and create an internal storage backup cloud easily. The storage nodes in a private cloud are linked together with the software, which performs several functions:
  • Back up files from any user computer to the private cloud nodes
  • Synchronize files between cloud computers
  • Encrypt files before backup process
  • Access and restore files anywhere across all the private cloud network
  • Search files stored in the private cloud
  • Set up remote network connections via Internet or Intranet (You can back up, transfer, and reach files stored in different remote locations.)
  • Enhance cloud security and cloud user privacy 
Backup Cow is a cost-effective automatic backup and sync software to build private cloud storage. The software can used for network backup for business and home. Please download the software from:


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