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Hello, I am having difficulty connecting my two computers via a group.  Is there any assistance you could offer, as well as the necessary steps of performing the file backup?  I am unsure of how to determine the destination folders for specific backups that I would like to run.

If your two computers are using the same Internet IP and log in a same group, please make sure the two computers are in the same LAN IP block. If a computers has two LAN IPs (for example, has two network cards), you can choose the right LAN IP in: Settings -- Local Network -- Network Settings -- LAN IP

As for the destination folder for network backup, you may change it on the destination PC: in Settings -- Cloud -- Share Settings -- My Share Path. If you want to more flexibly set the destination folder when transferring data, you can choose File Transfer, in which there is a setting to allow you to mannually set the destination folder each time when you send files to another computer.


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