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Personal Cloud Backup Software

Our whole lives are now stored on our computers, our photos, music, video, documents and more private files or folders. What happens, however, if your important files get deleted by mistake or even worse your computer crashes by accident? If luckily, you may regain them from the recycle bin or you have previously backed important data up to other hard drive. If unluckily, you may experience data loss tragedy and spend lots of time conducting remedial action.

These cases show how important it is to back up all your important files in a secure place, and it is better to back them up in private cloud storage rather than using a physical device. Fortunately, there are many personal cloud backup applications on the market. Among them, Backup Cow may be your first option, which supports storing all your photos, music, video, contracts, financial documents and much more in safe and private cloud storage– without the need for a physical storage. It can automatically sync your files in your previously scheduled time and you can restore your backups with a few simply clicks even if your machine goes crashed. Whether you have one personal computer or multiple office computers which need to be backed up, Backup Cow can fulfill its main purpose of helping you backup and protect your important data. If you are looking for a backup app, Backup Cow is the best automatic sync freeware for you. Now we will have a review of its features, security level and customer support service.

Key Features

First, what are the features of Backup Cow? Here’s a quick look:

 * Easy and intuitive interface

   Backup Cow is a user-friendly backup tool. It has an intuitive interface and easy to use.

 * Back up files on a single PC and/or multiple network computers

   You can backup your files to the destinations on your own computer or another PC, or synchronize them across local network, Internet or Intranet.

 * Automated Backups
   With Backup Cow, there is a fully auto-sync setting which allows you to copy your files in a hassle-free manner, which helps you save your time and energy.

*  Unlimited Storage
   If you are fond of watching movies, a great number of video files may be stored in your computer. You can back up them using the unlimited storage feature supported by Backup Cow. (Free edition only allows 3GB of the backup source files. Professional and Enterprise ones have no size limits.

*  Security & Privacy
   One of the best features of Backup Cow is that it offers encryption setting to keep our backup items private and safe. Once you setup encryption, only the one who has the password can have access to your data.

*  No file type restriction
   Some backup software only support backing up documents , pictures or other restricted file types. Unlike them, Backup Cow can backup almost any file type.

*  Simple File Restoration
   Backup Cow allows you to restore the backups just with a few clicks. It is pretty easy.

*  Private cloud storage builder

   Any user can be either a cloud storage contributor or consumer or both by using Backup Cow.


As mentioned in the features part, with Backup Cow, you can sync your important data with encryption to avoid unauthorized use. The minute that you start copying your files to the destinations, you can rest assured that it is only you and those who have your pre-set password can have access to your backups and all your backups are completely protected.

Customer Service

First, when you enter the website of Backup Cow, a live chat button will pop up, with which we offer you live support. Second, we offer email support to answer your questions. Third, we have online manual to help you use this backup freeware.

All in all, Backup Cow is a great internal cloud sync tool, which gives you a chance to become  a private cloud storage contributor or consumer or both. User-friendly interface, 100% automated backups, unlimited storage, secure encryption, no file type restrictions – these are the ample reasons to use it. You can easily know Backup Cow is the one which can offer the best value. If you want to have a free trial of this powerful backup utility, please feel free to download it on

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