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The Best Free Backup Software for your PC

Losing your valuable files as a result of a hard drive failure, virus attack or even accidental file deletion can be very devastating. Whether it’s your photos, giant music collection, important documents – data loss is always costly and stressful. Hard drives always crash, it’s just a matter of time, therefore DO regular backups. This can be better done by Backup Cow - the best free backup software for your pc.

Backup Cow is an excellent sync backup internet software. With Backup Cow, you can run scheduled backups and sync files between computers over local network(LAN)or remote network(Internet/Intranet). You can also create your own cloud backup by using the best personal backup solution. Plus the software can be set to run automatically on specified time intervals. Then when disaster happens you will be able to restore your files in no time. Start protecting your important data now by downloading a free trial.

What can you do with Backup Cow?

* Backup and sync files to multiple destinations.

  • You can automactically back up files to multiple destinations including local folders, USB, external hard drives, and anywhere on your network. Read more Read more
  • * Backup files to your networked computers.

    You can remotely backup files over Internet/Intranet by the remote backup ultility. Read more Read more

  • * Build Internal Private Cloud Storage

  • You can run Backup Cow program on each computer that will be a cloud node or cloud user. Any users can become a cloud storage contributor or a storage consumer or both. Then backup and sync files to the personal private cloud. Read more Read more

  • Backup Cow offers a permanent free version, so this way you can download, install and use it before deciding to purchase this free backup software. To see more features of Backup Cow, visit the Main Features section.

    No matter you want backup for xp, windows 7, or even back up for windows 8, Backup Cow will be your best free software to backup and sync files between computers over the network.

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    An amazing backup application for a team that's looking for a full-featured backup solution. I like Backup Cow a lot!

    I am highly impressed with this and the best free files backup software I trust to run scheduled backups and sync files between computers.

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