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Excellent software to backup files and folders

The use of transfer tools have played an important role in daily life,such as the USB and some portable hard drives.But sometimes they are not as reliable as we imagine.Moreover,there are many virus throughout the computers,so they may attack and damage your files.Under this situation,Backup Cow can easily solve these problems.

What can Backup Cow do for you?

Backup Cow is an easy and safe file backup and synchronization software product,which can also help you build internal private cloud storage for backing up all the files and documents,such as music,photos,video,etc.Backup Cow helps you backup,synchronize,encrypt and share your files across LAN or Internet/Intranet.

*Easy to backup files

Backup Cow has a strong feature that can help you  automatically backup files in a fast and easy way.There is a fully auto-sync setting in Backup Cow so it will helps you save time and energy.


Backup Cow is a safe software to backup and transfer files.With Backup Cow,you can setup a password. Encryption password is required for any users to obtain encrypted files and folders.Only the user can know the password so it increase the security of your files.

*File Synchronization

Backup Cow can monitor and synchronize any changes in source files or folders for each backup item.In addition, you can schedule any desired time intervals.

*Restore files anywhere

Backup Cow can restore files and folders on any user's PC and it can check files availability on the network.

*Build internal private cloud storage with in-house computers

This is one of the best feature of Backup Cow.It offers self-repairing cloud with a dynamic server(master node).Second,cloud user can decide whether they share their under-utilized diskspace as cloud storage or no.Some people may doubt that:Is this kind of cloud storage safe?The answer is absolutely yes.Users can make the files and folders invisible and inaccessible to other cloud users so it can protect the security of your files and folders.

For further information? User Manual

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