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Best Free File Backup Software

Have you ever tried to backup files on your computer? Have you ever lost important files because of no files backup? It is well known that files loss is very common and most of internet users have suffered from serious data loss. Annoying thing! So why not do regular files backup to protect your files from loss and damage?

Best Free File Backup Software

Backup software is a free file backup program used to back up your pc and protect your data from partial or total loss. Nowadays, there are many backup softwares flooding the market, but which one is highly efficient, safe and cost-effective? I recommend the Best Free File Backup Software - Backup Cow!

Backup Cow provides a complete solution to backup and syne your important files between computers over local and remote network. This file backup programme, Backup Cow, supports most of popular 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating system, Windows XP/Vista/7/8. It not only offers P2P suite for you to back up and sync files between multiple computers, but also provides you with Private Cloud suite to build private cloud backup by by utilizing in-house Windows computers.

Start using Backup Cow for free!


Backup Cow: Easy-to-Use File Backup and Sync Tool

Automatic, Scheduled backups for any files/folders ...

* It is super easy to use this 1 click backup sofrware, which simply guides you to choose which file or folder to be backed up, where and when to restore them, then the program works reliably in the background and uses very little system resources.

* The sync backup task can be directed only copy the new or modified files, it monitors the source files and automatically and continuously back up the new or changed files to the destination.

* Automatic scheduling includes specific days of the week, days of the month, hours of the day, or any desired time intervals. If you are seeking any software for scheduled automatic take backup of your files, you have found it!

* It can automatically backup your important data (including open/using files and folders) to another computer, external hard drive, USB disk or network drives/shared folders.

* It helps to build your own cloud storage via flexible network connections (LAN, Internet, Intranet) and implement private cloud backup and file synchronization at affordable cost.

* It can create multiple backup copies for each backup item and encrypt files before backing up to the cloud.

* You can restore backups anywhere with easy access to backups and the fast file locator.

* Free version is available. Download the best free file backup software to have a free trial!

More feature of Backup Cow...

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How to back up files with the file backup software?

There is much convenient information to follow to backup your files by using Backup Cow. Please visit the following information about files backup software:

How to back up and sync files between multiple computers?

How to back up to another computer's shared folders or local folders?

How to set up internal private cloud storage?

How to back up files or folders from the client machines to the servers?

How to restore backups?

How to restore a specific file in File Search?

More tutorials of Backup Cow...

The file backup software Backup Cow is really the best software for file backup from network to network!

Why choose Backup Cow?

Hard drives fail. Files become corrupted. Viruses hit. Laptops get dropped or stolen. And occasionally you just want to see an earlier version of a file you're working on. If you'd rather keep and not lose your photos, music, videos, documents, etc, then you need a backup program. The best choice for you is Backup Cow!

Why Backup Cow? Because it is an excellent file backup tool with lots of powerful features, free for both personal and commerical use. It is an ideal file backup utility to let you send copies of files and folders to another computer or a network drive automatically. In addition, You can not only back up files to another PC in your LAN, but also use the remote backup solution provided by this file backup software for all of your PCs, regardless of their locations. Backup Cow can backup files over network, including Internet and Intranet.

Are you thinking about backing up your computer's data? Do you want to make file backups on your network? Do to download this automatica file backup software to back up files from your files to another pc. No matter you want to backup files from desktop to laptop, or from a homw pc to an office server, Backup Cow can meet all your network backup needs!

Start to try Backup Cow and see yourself what the best free file backup tool can do for you!


Compared with other backup drives,Backup Cow performs more superior.It can sync and backup data via LAN or remote network.Also,you can set up your own "cloud storage" at home or office.

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