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Backing up computer files from one place to another is a rather broad topic: How do i back up files from one computer to another on the same network? Are there any reliable backup tools for my own cloud backup? Yes! There are many backup tools available on the market, but some of which are too expensive, and some of which may apply to more than one situation. One of the best software for computer backup is Backup Cow!

Backup Cow is a free automatic backup program for backing up and protecting valuable files on your computer. This freeware simplifies the process of file backups and it is a powerful and effective solution for both business and personal use. It is available in a single computer and on network PCs. With Backup Cow working for you, you can not only back up and sync files between computers over local network or Internet/Intranet, but also build internal private cloud storage with Windows computers.

It is super simple to setup and takes less than 5 minutes. Just click to download Backup Cow!

Amazing Advantages of Backup Cow

Backup and Sync Files Between Computers

There are two suite avaiable, one is P2P suite, which can automatically back up data to any destinations, including local or remote networked computers, network drives, local folders, USB, external hard drives or iPhone/iPad.

Once you install and run Backup Cow,  you will think backing up your computer files is made easy with its east-to-use, step-by-step wizard. Unlike other programs for computer backups, Backup Cow can enable you to quickly back up files from one computer to another at high speed. Backing up files is as easy as selecting what data you want to backup. Your important files will be securely protected without wasting much time and money. It is a pc offsite network backup software we highly recommend! You can enjoy the permanent Free version or pay and upgrade to the  Proffesional or Enterprise version at a really low-priced. 

Read more about Backup Cow P2P Suite.

Build Internal Cloud Storage for Data Backup

The other suite is for private backup cloud, which can empower you to build a private cloud with your Windows computers. You can back up, sync, access, and share files over local network or Internet/Intranet.

With Backup Cow, you can now create your own cloud backup for free. Use Backup Cow free software to:

* Transform computers on the same network to be a private cloud in seconds

* Increase cloud storage by simply adding new servers

* Have duplicate backup copies stored on different secure cloud servers

* Perform private cloud backup and access files by login to the users' accounts

* Encrypt the crucial data before you send it to the private cloud

* Utilize in-house Windows computers to build private cloud storage

Read more about Backup Cow Private Cloud Suite.

Can't see full features of Backup?

Check out our Features page for feature details.

Can't find how to backup files?

Check out our Online Manual page for more information about how to use this backup tool.

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Why Backup Cow Best Computer Backup Software?

Because we know that your success is about more than our software.

Everyone has some types of information on their computer that they may not realize is important until they loose it. Therefore, backing up your computer is a neccessary step every computer user should take if they do not want to loose any of their valuable data. If you are looking for a free software to backup computer files, why not try Backup Cow!? Here are four ways that Backup Cow is different!

* Secure Backup

Backup Cow takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are encrypted with the same security as banks use.

* Sync Multiple Computers

Our clever sync feature allows you to sync files between multiple computers automatically. No need for slow transfer of files between computers again.

* 100% Automated

Automatically backup your computer silently in the background to a schedule of your choice without having to do anything.

* Unlimited Storage

Unlike other backup providers we don't limit the amount of files you can backup, enjoy the freedom of unlimited online backup.

Try out Backup Cow for yourself, and see how easy this automatic computer backup software work for you! Download Backup Cow and try it now!

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