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CodingBest Software has released a new sync backup software product - Backup Cow Sync. The new software can be a Dropbox alternative while you host the backup server inside your organization. It means all your data will be stored on in-house storage and you don't need to put your important data somewhere outside. Definitely, you don't need to pay monthly or yearly subscription anymore and you may backup data up to terabytes as long as your server has adequate storage for your own backup needs. Please read more information from:

Similar to Dropbox, Backup Cow Sync can keep files in sync between computers via a self-hosted server. Users can get consistent file contents through two-way synchroniztion method. You can access your files anywhere after you create an account on the server. It will make things efficient and let you work conveniently on your files and folders.

Backup Cow Sync is very easy to use. The operation methods are also similar to Dropbox. You just need to run Backup Cow Sync Client program, and log into your account that you can sign up on a Windows server.  When you need backup and manipulate some files or folders, you may right click the selected files or folders in Windows Explorer, then click "Drop to Backup Cow Folder", then all these files and folders will be backed up to the server.  If you access your account on another computer on a different location, the client program will retrieve all the files in your account. After you save the files you modify, the system will synced back the updated files to the server. So all the sync process is similar to Dropbox; certainly, you must install Backup Cow Sync Server program on the server where you will store data. This is the only extra work, when comparing Dropbox usage that doesn't require users to take care of the server issue. The installation of Backup Cow Sync Server is very simple and easy. There is no any complicated setting needed to set up the backup server.

Backup Cow Sync also offers free edition which allows users to backup data up to 1GB on each user account. You can upgrade the version to a paid edition to lift the limitation at a reasonable price. The two-way sync backup software is a great program to let you back up and sync files between computers, and also a good supplement to other Backup Cow products that are one-way synchronization. 

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