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FAQ About Windows LAN Backup Solution Implementation by Backup Cow:
  • I have two Windows computers,  PC X and PC Y. Both systems are on a LAN. There are some files and  folders on PC X, which are very important, so I need continuously back up those data onto client Y. I have installed Backup Cow P2P Professional on client X, and also want an automatic synchronization of client X with client Y. Please advise the steps to achieve this. (BTW, can I use FTP to do this.
You can back up to another computer (PC Y) via LAN even you have not installed the backup software application on Computer Y. The condition to achieve this is that the backup destination on Computer Y is a network share that is accessible for you. That is, you must have permissions to write data to the target director on the network share attached to the Computer Y. Here are what you need to do in the Windows backup software program:
  1. Create a "New Backup Job" 
  2. Add a backup destination  (select a network folder or network drive on Computer Y)
  3. Click "Ok" to start the lan backup between two computers.
The lan backup program will also sync files on Computer X with the backup copies on Computer Y. You may preset or change the synchronization time interval in the backup schedule. So you can make sure your backups are updated by syncing data between two computers on LAN.

If the destination directory on Computer Y is not a network share, then you need run Backup Cow P2P on PC Y, too. And then you will see the Computer Y show up on the backup destination list.
Please note that you may add any folder as the destination directory on Computer Y. Here is the method:
Go to "Settings" in Backup Cow P2P on Computer Y, then click "Share" tab, and you will add the folder you wish to be a destination storage folder.

FTP is not a good method for backup over LAN, and you need to manipulate FTP server and  something else that is very complicated.

Backup Cow P2P can fit your backup needs on the local area network, and the free version is absolutely free for Windows file backup up to 1GB. And of course, you may upgrade to a paid edition to back up large files and folders over LAN. For more information, please visit the following webpage:

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