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Can Backup Cow transfer folders between computers on network?Share:

Question: I need to transfer folders on our network. I have already purchase Backup Cow P2P Enterprise edition. Can I use this software program to transfer files from pc to pc over network ?

Answer: Yes. You can use Backup Cow as a file transfer program to transfer files and folders between computers over network. You just need to add the target path (directory) as a backup destination and start backup. Then you can implement pc to pc file transfer. You may read more instructions on:

In fact,  you may also try Folder Transfer, a sister product of Backup Cow. It is professional file transfer software to let you transfer files from one computer to another. You can send files and folders to multiple computers at a time. In addition, Folder Transfer is also file sharing file, which allow you to share a file or folder, and let other network users to download over the network.

Similar to Backup Cow, this file tranfer program also have several network connection modes, which include: Local Network,  Join a Group, and Connect to a Computer.

This file transfer tool also has free version and paid versions (Professional and Enterprise editions)

For more information about Folder Transfer software, please visit the product website of this great file transfer and sharing program:

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