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I am using the free version of Backup Cow to evaluate for my needs and would like to use this, however, I have so far been unsuccessful even though I have opened the relevant ports on the router. If it is available in the free version can you please give me some ideas as to what to check next.

The feature can work in free version.

* If A connects to B,
In A's BackupCow: Connect to a Computer - Input B's IP address and port
number (You can find B's port number in B's BackupCow-Connect to a
Computer - Your IP Address and Port Number)
* If the above cannot work, you may try: B connects to A, the steps are
similar, make sure the A's IP and Port number are correct.
* You may also try Remote Network -- Join a Group to connect two remote
computers. In this way, you don't need to know the IP and port numbers,
which will be parsed by BackupCow server. All data will still be
transfered between two computers.
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