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While I had the computers on the home network they all communicated and backed up. Now that the laptop has moved to a remote location, we are having problems. When the laptop boots up and backup cow is running, I have the little computer and name pop up in the Network Computers list. However it doesn’t turn blue and the properties show it as UnReach. When I wand over it with the pointer it reads Offline. If the laptop shouts down, the computer stops showing in the Network Computers box. I get the impression I’m close to having this working but not sure what to try next. Can you lend a hand?


Thanks for your message.
When using connection over remote network, please make sure a computer can be connected by the other one over internet (At least, let one computer to have an Internet IP). In your case, maybe the routers on both sides cannot support UPNP protocol, which can help automatically map the port for the computer so that it can obtain an Internet IP address.  Here are three solutions that can help resolve your problem, and you may choose either one of them:

1. Use direct Internet connection on one side at least. It means let one computer connect to the internet directly without using a router.
2. Use a router that can support UPNP protocol on one side at least. Now many routers can support UPNP protocol.
3. Go to one router to manually map the port and IP. For example, if your router address is, then you can visit to configurate your router's settings. Usually, you can add one item (port 9595 and the computer's IP) in Forwarding Rules --Virtual Server.  Different routers may have different interfaces, As long as your router can support NAT, this kind of setting can work.

Please also note that your need use "Remote Network --Join a Group" if you just make changes on one side according to one of the above solutions.  If you use "Remote Network - Connect to Computer", you needt make
changes on both sides, or make changes on the server side, which is connected by the other computer.

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