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How to create my own cloud on lan? How to set up set up a personal cloud storage for lan users? Backup Cow can be your best free software for small business lan backup. It is useful for a backup which is created on one computer and is stored on another computer connected to the same network.

Backup Cow is a private cloud backup software allowing multiple machines to backup and sync folders/files to your own cloud within your enterprise. Small, mid-sized and large companies can build their own lan cloud storage by utilizing in-house Windows computers. Setup internal private cloud backup and file synchronization at your will.

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Key Features

  • Private cloud backup - Power your private cloud using Backup Cow. If you are an enterprise looking for a comprehensive, cost effective data protection platform, consider Backup Cow to build a private cloud. Click here for more information. 
  • Access files anywhere, anytime on any device - Easily access your backed up files from any machine or a smart phone.
  • 100% secure - Your files stay in your network and within your control. They are never transferred to any third-party machines.
  • Incremental backups - Backup Cow intelligently figures out the part of file that has been changed making backup jobs run faster with less load on your network.
  • Folder synchronization - Synchronize one for more folders across multiple machines. When a file is modified on one machine, it is automatically copied to other machines.
  • Free - Backup Cow is absolutely free for personal use.

Click here for more features.

How it works

 How to create my own cloud storage on lan network?

1. Download Backup Cow Private Cloud Suite from Download page  

2. Uncompress the zip file into two exe files: one is Backup Cow client installation file (BackupCowClient_Setup.exe) and the other is Backup Cow server installation file (BackupCowServer_Setup.exe)


3. Install Backup Cow server on one pc and Backup Cow client on multiple computers

4. Sign up an account for backup on Backup Cow client

5. Login to the account and back up files to the server

Download and try Backup Cow for free and see how it works to back up your files on lan network. You might be surprised!

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