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Hard Drive Backup Software For WindowsShare:

Backup Cow P2P is the most popular free hard drive backup solution.  With this software, you may take full control of the data safety of your hard drives on any Windows computer. The application creates a backup of your data  is developed by Coding Best Software. The reliable commercial backup and recovery software also has a free version that provide a rich set of backup features in the Enterprise edition, which allows you back up unlimited large data.
Here are some key features of the hard disk backup software:
* Reliable Backup Between Hard Drives
  • Complete Backup - create an exact copy of your PC data and store them on another hard drive.
  • Backup Scheduler - set up a shedule to plan your regular backup. (monthly, daily,hourly, or every a few minutes, etc.)
  • Differential Backup - backup only changed files.

* Easy & Fast Data Recovery
  • Flexible Restore - restore backups to any hard drive no matter it is a local drive or networked computer's hard drive.
  • Recovery based on need - restore specific files or folders with options to use the source directory or not.
  • Secure Data Recovery - passoword is required to restore encrypted data

* Flexible backup and recovery media
  • Backup to another local hard drive:  store the data to another secured hard disk on the same PC.
  • Backup to various external backup media: external hard drives, USB, network attached storage (NAS) on the network.
  • Backup to another computer's hard drive: network mapping drives, network shared folders, or any location of a networked computer.
For more information about this Windows hard drve backup program, please visit:


Windows LAN Backup Software FAQShare:

FAQ About Windows LAN Backup Solution Implementation by Backup Cow:
  • I have two Windows computers,  PC X and PC Y. Both systems are on a LAN. There are some files and  folders on PC X, which are very important, so I need continuously back up those data onto client Y. I have installed Backup Cow P2P Professional on client X, and also want an automatic synchronization of client X with client Y. Please advise the steps to achieve this. (BTW, can I use FTP to do this.
You can back up to another computer (PC Y) via LAN even you have not installed the backup software application on Computer Y. The condition to achieve this is that the backup destination on Computer Y is a network share that is accessible for you. That is, you must have permissions to write data to the target director on the network share attached to the Computer Y. Here are what you need to do in the Windows backup software program:
  1. Create a "New Backup Job" 
  2. Add a backup destination  (select a network folder or network drive on Computer Y)
  3. Click "Ok" to start the lan backup between two computers.
The lan backup program will also sync files on Computer X with the backup copies on Computer Y. You may preset or change the synchronization time interval in the backup schedule. So you can make sure your backups are updated by syncing data between two computers on LAN.

If the destination directory on Computer Y is not a network share, then you need run Backup Cow P2P on PC Y, too. And then you will see the Computer Y show up on the backup destination list.
Please note that you may add any folder as the destination directory on Computer Y. Here is the method:
Go to "Settings" in Backup Cow P2P on Computer Y, then click "Share" tab, and you will add the folder you wish to be a destination storage folder.

FTP is not a good method for backup over LAN, and you need to manipulate FTP server and  something else that is very complicated.

Backup Cow P2P can fit your backup needs on the local area network, and the free version is absolutely free for Windows file backup up to 1GB. And of course, you may upgrade to a paid edition to back up large files and folders over LAN. For more information, please visit the following webpage:


Auto Backup Software for Office NetworkShare:

Today, we recommend Backup Cow P2P for computer users on office network. The product website of this automatic backup software is:

There are many routine tasks everyday at office. One of the most important jobs is data backup. However, the backup needs at work will be very diverse. 
First, data backup targets will be different at office. For example:
  • Backup to another computer or server
  • Backup to network shared folders or network drive
  • Backup to NAS (network attached storage)
  • Backup to external hard drive or USB drive
  • Backup to local hard drive, such as another hard disk or folder
  • Backup to external network connected via Internet/Intranet
Second, office backup has specific requirements because it is a business application instead of an individual or home application. These requirements usually include:
  • Backup reliability should be high standard.
  • Data security is critical issue.
  • Backup size is usually huge. (Up to terabytes)
  • Backup jobs should be done on schedule automatically
  • All backup copies should be updated. (At least one-way file synchronization)
  • Retain multiple backup versions in case the the source files are changed incorrectly.
Third, backing up and restoring files should be very convenient for all computers on office network. Please imagine how staff members can easily store and access data on their office LAN computers. Probably backup to network storage would be a good solution for convenience purpose. For instance, when your computer crashed and have to use a new computer. If your backed up files are stored on your colleague’s PC, you need to restore backup files from one computer to another (the new PC you are using). On the other hand, a company document will be shared across network computers.

Currently, there are three frequently-used backup methods for office personnel:
* Manually backup data to external hard drive, USB, network storage or another pc or server.
But this traditional backup approach is not welcome because it automatic backup method. And you are unable to ensure the backups are the same as the source data. For example, unlike automatic backup software for external hard drive, when the source files are changed, you have to manually connect your external hard disk and make a second copy again. So, backup jobs will become very tedious and not reliable.

* Backup data to Dropbox or dropbox-like cloud storage, such as, Mozy, Google Drive, etc.
But these online backup solutions have fatal shortcomings for business backup scenarios. Data security is the most critical issue because all of your data are stored on external cloud instead of your office LAN or internal network storage. Another key issue will be the fact that you are unable to back up tons of GBs of files to a remote location everyday since backup speed, bandwidth usage,and storage size expense will become hurdles for cloud backup solutions to implement large file transfer and backup for a company, 

* Use auto backup software to backup files to external hard drive, network share or a mapped network drive, network attached storage, and other backup destinations. 
Backup Cow P2P is the most reliable backup software for network and local drives. It meets all the above said backup requirements in office or a business entity. Please read more about the P2P automatic backup program from:

No matter you need perform simple backup to another computer, or remote backup over network, free trial of all backup features is available to all users. Please download Backup Cow P2P to evaluate this free auto backup software.


Why Use Local Network Backup Software to Perform P2P Backup ?Share:

If you want to backup files from one pc to another on office LAN or home network,  P2P computer backup software is one of the best local backup solutions. Why? Here are the a few reasons that will let you go ahead to download a handy LAN backup software for the data backup at your office and home:
  1. The first point is "Simple and Easy". Usually P2P backup software is very easy to use. You neither need make complicated settings on network computers, nor manually plug and unplug your storage devices. For example, you may just need 3 simple steps to implement computer to computer backup on network by using Backup Cow P2P. For detailed instructions, please click and read the webpage of Backup to Another Computer .
  2. Automatic backup process is another important factor for users to choose a pc backup software as their local backup solution. Many local network backup programs let users to set up backup schedule in order to back up data at designated time or automatically make it every backup cycle period.
  3. There is no storage limit on the data size. Probably, some users get used to some public cloud storage services like Dropbox. Yes, you may use dropbox to backup your files from one computer, then restore files to another computer on the same local network( LAN). But there is only 2GB storage for free backup users. And in addition, your local networked computers have to connect to external network via Internet. And local backup program can allow you perform peer to peer backup over your local area network, and there is no backup size limit at all. You don't need to pay monthly subscription fee for backing up 1TB data.
  4. As mentioned in the above third point, obviously, local backup security is much more reliable and safer than any online cloud backup solutions even though they can implement pc to pc backup.
So, local backup application is your best option to backup files from one computer to another on LAN.


Backup Software for Windows 8.1Share:

It is necessary to find an auto backup software for Win 8.1 because Windows 8.x will be the mainstream operating system on desktop PC. Nowadays, even though iPad or other tablets are popular for users, Microsoft/Intel computers are still the major computing machines at workplace, where a lot of data need to be backed up every day. To protect your critical business data, reliable Windows 8 backup software has become an important issue for many IT managers, who believe the priority of  their current work is to find a win 8 backup software that can meet the business needs in the companies: shedule backup, file synchronization, data encription, and more.

Backup Cow, a great backup program for Windows, can fulfill business requirements for most companies. No matter your computers are using Windows 8, Windows 7, or even Windows XP, this automatic sync backup software can backup files between computers reliably. Please read more information about this automatic backup software on the product site:

Microsoft recently announced they will not support Windows xp anymore. The data safty on Win xp will be a concern for most companies, which may be planning to purchase more Windows 8 computers to replace the Windows XP machines. On the other hand, before the computer replacement is done, the IT department must find a backup tool to ensure all data and files on Windows XP are safe. That is, the backup application can backup all the files and folders to Windows 8 or Windows 7. Even after the new WIndows 8.1 computer installation and data migration, data backup software is also a key measure to protect your important stuff. So, Windows 8.1 backup software shoud be on hand in current IT environment.

 "How to backup data for my Windows 8.1 computers ?" ,  Peter Gates, a CTO of a data processing company, asked his IT consultant last month after he upgraded their company's XP computers to Windows 8.1.  "Which is the best network backup software to backup my files over different Windows platforms ?" Peter's network still includes a variety of Windows OS versions, such as Windows 7, Windows 2003, and Windows 8.

Finally, Peter chose a recommended backp solution for Windows 8.1 and other Win OS. He downloaded and installed a backup utility called Backup Cow. He are satisfied with the parameters and features of this win backup software. An amazing option impressed Peter is the program has free trial of all backup functions and the free backup software version is also available. After a serious backup software review and comparison, Peter decided to buy 100 licenses of this professional backup software (Backup Cow P2P Enterprise Edition). "If every thing is going well, deinitely I will buy more licenses.The backup software is cost effective." Peter said to his assistants.

It is quite smart to buy a simple backup software like Backup Cow, which is affordable, easy to use, and most important, reliable.





The Best Backup Solution for PC Share:

When we are seeking for the best Windows(WIN7,WIN8,WIN XP) backup software, we would choose products that are dependable  yet very easy to use. The data each person stores on their computer is different, so you need to choose data backup software that meets your specific needs.Backup Cow is a simple,reliable  and  secure software which can meet all your needs.
Local Backup
Multiple Computer Backup
Internal Cloud Backup

It is no worse than the computer shut down or there are some malfunctions in your PC.You need to backup your data to another computer in a fast and simple way.However,you may not backing up your files regularly.You may found some backup tools can not backup files in a specific time or it will auto stop backing up!This kind of backup solution does not make sense !See?Not every backup tool is reliable and secure.Take USB and hard drives as example. You can do a lot to protect these files of course, but sometimes hard drives do fail. In those moments having a backup is crucial.
PC owners have a wide variety of options when it comes to backup software. We have  documented most of them in the past, but they had never been compiled in a single list. It’s always easier to figure out what you’re interested if everything’s in one place, so without further adieu I give you the top ten free PC backup solutions.

Backup Features about Backup Cow
----Backup Cow software has two parts ,they includes P2P Suit and Private Cloud Suit.

*Network Backup Software 
---- Back up your files to multiple computers via LAN  or remote network (Internet/Intranet)

---- Computers can connect together  by LAN, or joining a virtual network group, or direct remote access (inputting IP/domain and TCP port number)

*Dependable Backup Program 
---- Back up your files and folders to other computers including their network drives or shared folders

---- Backup copy quantity can be increased to any number

---- Duplicate backup copies of each file will never locate on a same computer

----Redo backup tasks automatically if a backup destination computer has a malfunction

*Create Private Cloud Storage
---- Transform network computers to be a private cloud. All computers running the Server program will automatically connect together to be the cloud storage.

---- Unlimited Storage with Backup Cow : Increase cloud storage as large as you wish

---- Smart Resilience: 
Self-Re-paring Cloud with a dynamic server (master node). Redo backup tasks automatically when a cloud node has a malfunction

---- Easy setup and deployment: Any user can run the Client program to back up data to the cloud storage

*Cloud User Encryption
----Users can make their files invisible and inaccessible to other cloud users. (in both File Search and Restore sections)

How to backup to another computer on the network?

Step 1: Click "Add Backup Item" button on "Backup" section.
Step 2: Select the folders or files you wish to back up. ( Or Drag and Drop folders or files into the backup item box from Windows Explorer.)
Step 3: Select the network computers you want to back up to.
Step 4 Set Synchronization, Save Deleted Files and Encrypt Backups in "Genernal".
Step 5 Filter files to be considered for Backup or to be ignored while copying.

How to Set Up Internal Private Cloud Storage
----You just need install the server program on each computer that will be a cloud server, then all these servers will connect together automatically to be the in-house private cloud.
Why you need Backup Cow?
Files can be lost from your computer in any number of ways—you might accidentally delete a file by mistakes, or a virus might wipe one out. You can also have a complete hard drive failure. When a hard drive broke , it's kind of like having your money was stolen by thief. Important personal items are usually gone forever—travel photos, significant documents, downloaded music, or something else.

Thankfully it has  a really simple process these days to back up your content within seconds, or remote  locations. By Backup Cow, your files can be protected against viruses or complete computer failure. This makes it easy to restore  and place them on a new hard drive and get going again.If you are still looking for a dependable and simple way to backup,get started with Backup Cow!


Best Backup SoftwareShare:

Backup Cow is one of the best backup software for you.Nowadays,the use of  backup solution become more and more popular among people.There are various of backup tools ,such as the USB,hard disk drive.However,some portable backup tool may exist danger and they are not as reliable as we imagine.Plus,there may be many virus throughout the internet.How to avoid that situation?Backup Cow can be the best backup solution! Download Here For Trial 




What can you do with Backup Cow?
*Easy to backup 
----Backup Cow can backup data to another PC,such as Windows 2003,Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8,Vista,etc.

----Backup to local folders,USB and external hard drives.Unlike other backup software,Backup Cow lets you bidirectional-backup,that means you can backup files from your USB,or you can backup files from your external hard disk.

----Synchronize files and folders every any desired time interval.When you are busy or out of office for work,you can set up a desired period that you can easily to backup data automatically.

----Remote backup via Internet/Intranet
If you want to backup any files or folders to remote computers,Backup Cow can help you a lot.It allows you to backup and synchronize to multiple remote network.No matter what distance,no matter how many computers you want to backup to,Backup Cow can be a powerful tool.

*Network Connection
----Connect to a IP or domain
When you want to backup files to another PC,you can input the IP address or a domain in Backup Cow option.Just need to know the desired PC's location and IP address ,you can access to the computer conveniently.

----Automatic connection over LAN (Local Area Network)
There is no need for you to manually connect over LAN,when you run Backup Cow ,you will see other computers also run this software ,after that,you and your team can backup files to each other's PC.In addition,you can  start the application when Windows start up.

----Network Group Connection
Computers can connect together by joining a same network group, usually for remote network connection.Just several simple steps,network group connection can be easily integrated .

*Restore and File Search
Except for backup files,Backup Cow enables you to restore backups from any computer,search all backup files,download or obtain files after searching backups,view each file's information (owner, location, size, date, etc.)
*Data Transfer Viewer and Management
During backup ,you can view backup status,adjust backup speed ,simultaneous file amount .Also,if you can pause,stop and resume any backup task.

How to use Backup Cow?
How to Install?
1.Uncompress the download package and double click "BackupCow_Setup.exe" to get started. Then click "Next" in the coming "Welcome to the Backup Cow Setup Wizard" interface to continue.
2.Click "Next" to continue in the "Select Destination Location" interface, and setup will install Backup Cow into the default folder. If you would like to select a different folder, click "Browse".
3.Click "Finish" in the last "Completing the Backup Cow Setup Wizard" interface to exit Setup.

How to Back Up and Sync Files Between Multiple Computers?
Step 1: Click "Add Backup Item" button on "Backup" section.

Step 2: Select the folders or files you wish to back up. ( Or Drag and Drop folders or files into the backup item box from Windows Explorer.)
Step 3: Select the network computers you want to back up to.
Step 4 Set Synchronization, Save Deleted Files and Encrypt Backups in "Genernal".
Step 5 Filter files to be considered for Backup or to be ignored while copying.
What you can gain from Backup Cow?
*Save money on backup service
Backup Cow provides strong features but low-cost charge,you just need to pay least money.As a company,you must have lots of data to backup and synchronize,traditional backup solution can no longer satisfied you .With the increasing backup requirements,you need to use modern software to handle such huge amount of data.
*Connect to your friends and family
With Backup Cow,you can create a group between your community and friends easily.After setting up a group,you just need to input the group name and group password,you can engage the backup activity .You may like to travel around the world and take some amazing photos,now,you can share to your friends by joining the same group .
*100% Security
Backup Cow support secure backup with encryption.Any one who want to access your computer should gain the password.Without password,he or she could not attack you own PC,which protect your data's security.

In today's society,in order to give you a good chance to backup data,please try Backup Cow,you will love it!


Excellent software to backup files and foldersShare:

The use of transfer tools have played an important role in daily life,such as the USB and some portable hard drives.But sometimes they are not as reliable as we imagine.Moreover,there are many virus throughout the computers,so they may attack and damage your files.Under this situation,Backup Cow can easily solve these problems.

What can Backup Cow do for you?

Backup Cow is an easy and safe file backup and synchronization software product,which can also help you build internal private cloud storage for backing up all the files and documents,such as music,photos,video,etc.Backup Cow helps you backup,synchronize,encrypt and share your files across LAN or Internet/Intranet.

*Easy to backup files

Backup Cow has a strong feature that can help you  automatically backup files in a fast and easy way.There is a fully auto-sync setting in Backup Cow so it will helps you save time and energy.


Backup Cow is a safe software to backup and transfer files.With Backup Cow,you can setup a password. Encryption password is required for any users to obtain encrypted files and folders.Only the user can know the password so it increase the security of your files.

*File Synchronization

Backup Cow can monitor and synchronize any changes in source files or folders for each backup item.In addition, you can schedule any desired time intervals.

*Restore files anywhere

Backup Cow can restore files and folders on any user's PC and it can check files availability on the network.

*Build internal private cloud storage with in-house computers

This is one of the best feature of Backup Cow.It offers self-repairing cloud with a dynamic server(master node).Second,cloud user can decide whether they share their under-utilized diskspace as cloud storage or no.Some people may doubt that:Is this kind of cloud storage safe?The answer is absolutely yes.Users can make the files and folders invisible and inaccessible to other cloud users so it can protect the security of your files and folders.

For further information? User Manual

Let's download Backup Cow for free!

Want to buy? Please click:Buy Now!






Backup Cow- Scheduled Backup FreewareShare:

Why is Computer Backup Important?

If you ever came across a situation in which you worked overtime on one important PPT for your tommorow presentation and  have almost finished it, but finally, only to get your computer accidental crash seconds before clicking the "save" button, you can understand how frustrating and annoying losing your data can be.

The following scenarios may cause data loss.

1. Files are accidentally deleted.

2. Hard disk runs into failure.

3. Virus injection occurs

4. Your computer get physically destroyed.

For more information about the "Common scenarios that can leave your data in jeopardy", you can click HERE for details.

Data loss is unexpected and inevitable. What you can do to avoid huge data loss is to backup your computer.   Now, imagine that one day, maybe next second, you permanently lose all your important files - everything from family photos, office files to business contracts  . Don't keep thinking "that will never happen to me". It is really a risky  spell. Everything is possible and you may be the next one who encounter data loss.

Some of you may ask such a question, "So how can I avoid disastrous data loss?" I think backup your computer may be one of the best solutions to protect your important fiies from partial or complete loss. Then a cloud backup tool is very essential in this case.
Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow

Backup Cow is a best free automatic cloud backup application to periodically sync files between network computers (LAN and Remote PCs). It can send large files (3GB or more) to multiple destinations reliably in planned time interval. It is a powerful scheduled backup utility to build a private cloud storage in order to protect your files from loss and ensure your files are secure.

"If I want to use Backup Cow to backup my files from my office PC to home PC in order to avoid my important office files getting missing, how can I do that? "

Here are two solutions:

1. Join a Group (Recommended for Remote Network) :

*  Run Backup Cow on both your home and office computers.

*  In your home computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Network -- Join a Group (Recommended for Remote Network) -- Create a group- Sign up a group account- Input group name and password, then click OK. (Network - Join a Group )

* In your office computer's Backup Cow: Input  group name and password, then click OK. (Network - Join a Group )

2. Connect to a Computer:

*  Run Backup Cow on both your home and office computers.
*  In your home computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Network --> Connect to a Computer --> Input your office's IP Address and Port Number (usually the port # is 9595, or you may find it in your office computer's Backup Cow), then click OK.
*  In your office computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Add Backup Items- Select files or folders to backup- Click "Next"- Select your home computer in the network computers field - Click "Next"- in "General" tab setup sync time, check the latest version to save deleted files and setup encryption- Click "Next"- in "Filter" tab set included and excluded specifications- Click "OK" button
*  Then Backup Cow will automatically backup your office files to your home PC in your scheduled time. 

Because the office's IP address may be often changed, "Join a Group" method is more worthy of recommendation. 

Screenshots Screenshots
Download Download BuyNow BuyNow


* Simple graphical interface
* Private cloud storage builder

* Network sync file solution

* Single computer backup freeware
* Scheduled backup application
* Secure synchronization with encryption
* Restore network backups
* Backup files filter

* Shared path setting

* And more...

With Backup Cow free download available, it has never been easier or faster to ensure your files are safe and secure.
If you want this backup free software, please download it on

For more information, please enter Backup Cow home page:


Backup Between ComputersShare:

Backup Cow is the best software to backup and sync files between computers. If you are seeking a software for data backup between computers. Please download the software for free trial.
Backup Cow offers a simple and secure way to backup personal files and business documents, securely share files with colleagues and friends.  The software can synchronize files and folders between multiple computers. It is very useful letting you automatically sync files between multiple computers.

The setup process is quick and easy. Firstly please go to the product website to download the Backup Cow software package:

You may download it  to any computer on your network no mattter it is your desktop or laptop computer. You must install  Backup Cow software on at least two networked computers in order to backup files between computers.

When you  run Backup Cow app on the two networked PCs, you will see two computers to go online on the right hand side of the program main window. Then you can start to backup files between two computers. If you feel the default shared disk space for each computer is not enough. You may enlarge the share space size.

You need add backup items you wish to back up between computers,then add click "Backup Now" button to start backup. (Actually the new version of Backup Cow will start backup automatically once a new backup item is added)

All backup itmes will be updated automatically every a certain time interval that you can set. That is, the system will sync backups between computers from time to time.

In addition, Backup Cow is automatic backup software for networks. You can backup files between multiple computers across the network. If you are looking for software to backup between networked computers, Backup Cow is a good fit for you. Please visit the software website:



How to Build Private Cloud StorageShare:

How to build my private cloud storage and backup my computer files to the cloud? With Backup Cow today, you can make private backups and sync files to a private cloud.You just need to run Backup Cow application on each netwotked computer that will be a cloud node or cloud user. Any network users can choose to be a cloud storage contributor or a storage consumer or both.

Compose Cloud Storage

If your computer is ready to be a cloud storage node (cloud storage contributor), you must share part of your hard disk space, and you must check the box of Share My Disk Space in the software settings, and specify the share space size you are willing to contribute towards the cloud. (See also "Share My Disk Space" in this manual.)

All the share space contributed by these cloud nodes in the network will compose the cloud storage space. Other cloud users can back up files onto the cloud.

Cloud Users

If you are not willing to share your hard disk and just want to be a pure cloud user (to be a cloud storage consumer only), you must uncheck the box of Share My Disk Space.

A cloud storage contributor is also allowed to be a cloud user, who can back up his/her files onto the cloud. (To ensure the backup reliability, his/her backups will be stored on other cloud nodes instead of his/her own computer)

Dynamic Server

Backup Cow will automatically select a computer as the cloud server (Master Node). If the server machine is down (offline), the system will assign another computer to be the server.

Cloud Security and Identification

You can set a security ID number for computers to build a cloud. Other users without the same ID cannot connect/join the same cloud.

You can also set up several independent clouds in the same network by using differnet ID numbers.

(See Also Cloud Security )


Why use Backup Cow Unlimited Network Backup Software ?Share:

Compared to other network backup programs, Backup Cow is much more favorable.

* It's simple to setup your network backup - the pop-up wizards makes scheduling a breeze.
* It's simple to use - no technical knowledge is required to run your backup strategy.
* It's affordable, and perfect for Enterprise and families.
* The storage is unlimited-backup the database storage into your own or private computers.

As you know, other network backup solutions are often too expensive, and at the same time too bulky and complicated to use. Backup Cow is a lightweight, well-designed product that works. It is the best network file sync software for you to backup your computer and sync network files.

Please visit Backup Cow Website:


Try Backup Cow for Individual & Personal Cloud StorageShare:

For many individuals, backup at home is very important to protect your precious photos, images or pictures, and useful documents, music, songs, mp3, video clips, etc. And most of those files and documents are private and you don't want to back up the private data and files outside with online cloud backup solutions that require you pay monthly fee. You will have some questions like these: How to backup my computer? How to backup my private data and files safely? How to back up my private photos ? How to sync files between computers ? How to build my own private cloud storage with my networked computers in my house ? When I work at home, can I back up my files to my company's cloud storage server and also sync the files between my home pc and the private cloud in the office ?

All the answer is Yes!! Try Backup Cow, the private cloud sync software. If you have more than one computer at home including your laptop. You can build a private home cloud storage for file backup and synchronise files betwee computers with this file syncing software. In addition, you can install Backup Cow in your home pc to connect your company's computers in which Backup Cow software is also running, so that you can back up and sync files between your home computer and the corporate private cloud servers.

Please view more details on Backup Cow website:


Use Backup Cow in Small Businesses and EnterprisesShare:

As an IT manager, you will feel headache when the storage need is increasing very fast in the company and your staff will ask increase computer facilities for backup. You will have questions like these: How to back up my computers? Can I build private cloud storage at low cost ? How to build my own cloud ? If your company is a big corporation with many computers in different locations, you must find some perfect backup softwares to meet the computer backup needs in remote networks including VPN, WAN, Internet or Intranet.

Backup Cow is a reliable and secure backup software at the workplace. It is one of the best computer storage solutions, and more important, it is the lowest cost cloud storage builder software. You don't need to buy too many additional expensive computer hardware and softwares to backup your computers.

Please download Backup Cow software to have a 15-day free trial experience!


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