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Free Computer Backup SoftwareShare:

Everyone has some type of information on their computer that they may not realize is important until they loose it. For example, Internet bookmarks, documents, financial data, saved e-mail, music, pictures, saved games, etc. Also, your computer may appear to be working normally, but it or the hard drive in it could fail at any time and without notice. Backing up your computer is an important step every computer user should take do if they do not want to loose any of their valuable data.

With our promising software - Backup Cow, your files are completely protected and you can rest easy with full peace of mind. Better yet, it's easy to use and you can begin protecting your data within minutes. It will be your best free pc backup program to automatically backup and synchronize files between computers.

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Here are some advantages of using Backup Cow free computer backup software:

* Best backup software to backup files to another computer, network folders, local folders, USB, and external hard drives

* Synchronize files between computers automatically

* Create multiple backup copies for each backup item

* Encrypt files before backing up to the cloud

* Retrieve backups anywhere with easy access to backups and the fast file locator

* Build private lan cloud storage for home or office (Actually you can also create your own cloud storage on Internet with this backup software)

* Automatically back up and sync files to a private cloud via flexible network connections (LAN, Internet, Intranet). It is an easy-to-use and cheap inhouse remote backup free software.

* Free version is available. Download the best automatic laptop backup software to have a free trial!

Backup Cow is a simple backup freeware that can meet all your backup needs, no matter your backup destinations are remote or local. Using this handy computer backup software, you can easily and quickly backup files from one computer to another, from laptop to desktop. If you are seeking a software to backup between networked computers, Backup Cow is a good choice for you!


File Transfer and Sharing

Folder Transfer, a sister product of Backup Cow, can send large files and folders to your friends or colleagues simultaneously over Internet or local network. You can also share files across network with the tool that can support breakpoint transmission.


Best Backup SoftwareShare:

Hard drive and system failures happen every day, whether it's just a breakdown or a completely unexpected disaster. Selecting the correct backup software product is extremely important. Your valuable documents and client files on your computer are simply too important to leave to chance. Can your business survive the loss of important data? Are you prepared to leave your critical files and personal, irreplaceable memories unprotected?

With our promising software - Backup Cow, your files are completely protected and you can rest easy with full peace of mind. Better yet, it's easy to use and you can begin protecting your data within minutes. It will be your best free program to backup and synchronize files between computers.

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Best Free Backup Software: What to Look For

When we looked for the best backup software, we chose products that are reliable yet very simple to use. The data each person stores on their computer is different, so you need to choose backup software that meets your specific needs. The good news is that now here comes an easy and excellent backup software products - Backup Cow, which makes backing up relatively easy and painless. So easy that computer users at all levels can routinely and automatically protect their important data from disaster.

Backing up your files is a must to minimize the risk of loss. With Backup Cow FREE backup solutions, you need not worry if your hard disk fails or a virus wipes out your data.

What can Backup Cow do for you?

* Backup - Protect your data

Begin backing up all your important files in minutes. Easy to install and easy to use!

* Network Backup - Backup Your Files Over Network

Back up your files locally or remotely to multiple computers via LAN (Local Area Network) or remote network (Internet/Intranet)

* Inhouse Cloud Backup - Build Internal Private Cloud Storage

Run Backup Cow program on each computer that will be a cloud node or cloud user. Any users can become a cloud storage contributor or a storage consumer or both. Then backup and sync files to the personal private cloud.

* Synchronize - Have Your Backups Scheduled to Run

Monitor any changes in source files or folders for each backup item and automatically synchronize the sources files and backups.

* Restore - Recover your lost files easily

When disaster strikes, click a single button to restore all files and folders on any user's computer. Save stress and time with a simple recovery process.

* Secure - Keep confidential data private
Keep your backups completely secure with 256-bit AES encryption. Encrypt backups with a pre-set password that is required for any users to obtain encrypted files.

* Versioning - Keep previous versions
Keep deleted/replaced files with the latest version. You can define how many versions suit your needs and recover your files easily.

* Free to Use - Permanent Free Version Available

After you download and install Backup Cow, you will get a permanent free edition (freeware). You may upgrade to Professional or Enterprise edition to get rid of some limitations in the free version.

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If you are looking for a free program to backup and synchronize files between computers, please feel free to download Backup Cow on our free download page to have a free trial experience:


Personal Cloud Backup SoftwareShare:

Our whole lives are now stored on our computers, our photos, music, video, documents and more private files or folders. What happens, however, if your important files get deleted by mistake or even worse your computer crashes by accident? If luckily, you may regain them from the recycle bin or you have previously backed important data up to other hard drive. If unluckily, you may experience data loss tragedy and spend lots of time conducting remedial action.

These cases show how important it is to back up all your important files in a secure place, and it is better to back them up in private cloud storage rather than using a physical device. Fortunately, there are many personal cloud backup applications on the market. Among them, Backup Cow may be your first option, which supports storing all your photos, music, video, contracts, financial documents and much more in safe and private cloud storage– without the need for a physical storage. It can automatically sync your files in your previously scheduled time and you can restore your backups with a few simply clicks even if your machine goes crashed. Whether you have one personal computer or multiple office computers which need to be backed up, Backup Cow can fulfill its main purpose of helping you backup and protect your important data. If you are looking for a backup app, Backup Cow is the best automatic sync freeware for you. Now we will have a review of its features, security level and customer support service.

Key Features

First, what are the features of Backup Cow? Here’s a quick look:

 * Easy and intuitive interface

   Backup Cow is a user-friendly backup tool. It has an intuitive interface and easy to use.

 * Back up files on a single PC and/or multiple network computers

   You can backup your files to the destinations on your own computer or another PC, or synchronize them across local network, Internet or Intranet.

 * Automated Backups
   With Backup Cow, there is a fully auto-sync setting which allows you to copy your files in a hassle-free manner, which helps you save your time and energy.

*  Unlimited Storage
   If you are fond of watching movies, a great number of video files may be stored in your computer. You can back up them using the unlimited storage feature supported by Backup Cow. (Free edition only allows 3GB of the backup source files. Professional and Enterprise ones have no size limits.

*  Security & Privacy
   One of the best features of Backup Cow is that it offers encryption setting to keep our backup items private and safe. Once you setup encryption, only the one who has the password can have access to your data.

*  No file type restriction
   Some backup software only support backing up documents , pictures or other restricted file types. Unlike them, Backup Cow can backup almost any file type.

*  Simple File Restoration
   Backup Cow allows you to restore the backups just with a few clicks. It is pretty easy.

*  Private cloud storage builder

   Any user can be either a cloud storage contributor or consumer or both by using Backup Cow.


As mentioned in the features part, with Backup Cow, you can sync your important data with encryption to avoid unauthorized use. The minute that you start copying your files to the destinations, you can rest assured that it is only you and those who have your pre-set password can have access to your backups and all your backups are completely protected.

Customer Service

First, when you enter the website of Backup Cow, a live chat button will pop up, with which we offer you live support. Second, we offer email support to answer your questions. Third, we have online manual to help you use this backup freeware.

All in all, Backup Cow is a great internal cloud sync tool, which gives you a chance to become  a private cloud storage contributor or consumer or both. User-friendly interface, 100% automated backups, unlimited storage, secure encryption, no file type restrictions – these are the ample reasons to use it. You can easily know Backup Cow is the one which can offer the best value. If you want to have a free trial of this powerful backup utility, please feel free to download it on

For more information about this automated personal cloud backup software, please enter


Backup Cow- Scheduled Backup FreewareShare:

Why is Computer Backup Important?

If you ever came across a situation in which you worked overtime on one important PPT for your tommorow presentation and  have almost finished it, but finally, only to get your computer accidental crash seconds before clicking the "save" button, you can understand how frustrating and annoying losing your data can be.

The following scenarios may cause data loss.

1. Files are accidentally deleted.

2. Hard disk runs into failure.

3. Virus injection occurs

4. Your computer get physically destroyed.

For more information about the "Common scenarios that can leave your data in jeopardy", you can click HERE for details.

Data loss is unexpected and inevitable. What you can do to avoid huge data loss is to backup your computer.   Now, imagine that one day, maybe next second, you permanently lose all your important files - everything from family photos, office files to business contracts  . Don't keep thinking "that will never happen to me". It is really a risky  spell. Everything is possible and you may be the next one who encounter data loss.

Some of you may ask such a question, "So how can I avoid disastrous data loss?" I think backup your computer may be one of the best solutions to protect your important fiies from partial or complete loss. Then a cloud backup tool is very essential in this case.
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Backup Cow is a best free automatic cloud backup application to periodically sync files between network computers (LAN and Remote PCs). It can send large files (3GB or more) to multiple destinations reliably in planned time interval. It is a powerful scheduled backup utility to build a private cloud storage in order to protect your files from loss and ensure your files are secure.

"If I want to use Backup Cow to backup my files from my office PC to home PC in order to avoid my important office files getting missing, how can I do that? "

Here are two solutions:

1. Join a Group (Recommended for Remote Network) :

*  Run Backup Cow on both your home and office computers.

*  In your home computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Network -- Join a Group (Recommended for Remote Network) -- Create a group- Sign up a group account- Input group name and password, then click OK. (Network - Join a Group )

* In your office computer's Backup Cow: Input  group name and password, then click OK. (Network - Join a Group )

2. Connect to a Computer:

*  Run Backup Cow on both your home and office computers.
*  In your home computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Network --> Connect to a Computer --> Input your office's IP Address and Port Number (usually the port # is 9595, or you may find it in your office computer's Backup Cow), then click OK.
*  In your office computer's Backup Cow: Backup- Add Backup Items- Select files or folders to backup- Click "Next"- Select your home computer in the network computers field - Click "Next"- in "General" tab setup sync time, check the latest version to save deleted files and setup encryption- Click "Next"- in "Filter" tab set included and excluded specifications- Click "OK" button
*  Then Backup Cow will automatically backup your office files to your home PC in your scheduled time. 

Because the office's IP address may be often changed, "Join a Group" method is more worthy of recommendation. 

Screenshots Screenshots
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* Simple graphical interface
* Private cloud storage builder

* Network sync file solution

* Single computer backup freeware
* Scheduled backup application
* Secure synchronization with encryption
* Restore network backups
* Backup files filter

* Shared path setting

* And more...

With Backup Cow free download available, it has never been easier or faster to ensure your files are safe and secure.
If you want this backup free software, please download it on

For more information, please enter Backup Cow home page:


To Build Your Private Cloud StorageShare:

When a computer crashes, a fire or theft occurs or equipment is damaged after a disaster, everyone rejoices that important files were safely backed up and available for use in short order, just by building your private cloud storage, and backing up your important files into cloud storage. Our Backup Cow best backup sync software can help you build a private cloud, then backup and sync files to a private cloud.

How to build my Private cloud Storage? A simple solution requiring the least amount of company resources is generally what businesses seek out. By simply building private cloud and downloading software- Backup Cow Cloud Backup software, installing it on your PC and connecting to the online backup provider’s computer, which can be your office's pc or your home's pc. Then you can back up multiple computers, sync files between computer. What is more, you may access your file anywhere, it is no limited for backing up your files, data ,or programs. Backup Cow is a back up software with synchronization with unlimited Backup Storage. Once you have tried it, and you will find you cannot live without it!

We offer an Evaluation edition that is for 15-day free trial with full Enterprise features! Please go ahead to download the software to have a free trial experience.

Backup Cow product website is:



Private Cloud Storage BuilderShare:

Backup Cow is the best file synchrozing software and also a private cloud storage builder ! You can make good use of the inhouse computers storage to build internal cloud storage. You can back up files to another computer and sync files to your private network cloud. This secure private cloud sync software can be your enterprise backup software no matter you need make backup tasks in local network or you do need an automatic remote backup software tool.

We offer an Evaluation edition that is for 15-day free trial with full Enterprise features! Please go ahead to download the software to have a free trial experience.

Backup Cow product website is:


About "File Search" Share:

Backup Cow Cloud back-up software makes it easy to synchronize, share and access your files, anytime, anywhere. With Backup Cow, you can not just sync files to a private cloud and backup files from computer to computer, backup from one pc to another, but you can restore backups especially restore a specific file.

About "File Search"

You can search a file in "File Search" section no matter the file is a source file or a backup copy located in any cloud computers. You can search a file by file name, owner, type, and location.


  • You can select a file and click "Save as" button to download the file on to your computer.
  • If you are the owner of a file, you can click "Explorer" to open the folder of the file.
  • If you don't want to show your files in other cloud user's File Search section, you can make your files invisible in Settings-Privacy, so that other users can not search your files on their computers.

How to restore a specific file in File Search?

  • a. Select an Owner computer.
  • b. Enter a full file name or part of the file name.(Or leave blank to view all files.)
  • c. After the search is completed, you can select the specific file on the list and click "Save as" or "Explorer" to restore the file.

Additional Remarks:

  • "Location" is referred to the computer where the file is backed up.
  • "Backup Path" is referred to the place where the file is originally located.
  • "File Search" is mainly used to restore a specific file. If you want to restore a great amount of files, you'd better do it on "Restore" part.

For more information, please visit our product website:


How to Build Private Cloud StorageShare:

How to build my private cloud storage and backup my computer files to the cloud? With Backup Cow today, you can make private backups and sync files to a private cloud.You just need to run Backup Cow application on each netwotked computer that will be a cloud node or cloud user. Any network users can choose to be a cloud storage contributor or a storage consumer or both.

Compose Cloud Storage

If your computer is ready to be a cloud storage node (cloud storage contributor), you must share part of your hard disk space, and you must check the box of Share My Disk Space in the software settings, and specify the share space size you are willing to contribute towards the cloud. (See also "Share My Disk Space" in this manual.)

All the share space contributed by these cloud nodes in the network will compose the cloud storage space. Other cloud users can back up files onto the cloud.

Cloud Users

If you are not willing to share your hard disk and just want to be a pure cloud user (to be a cloud storage consumer only), you must uncheck the box of Share My Disk Space.

A cloud storage contributor is also allowed to be a cloud user, who can back up his/her files onto the cloud. (To ensure the backup reliability, his/her backups will be stored on other cloud nodes instead of his/her own computer)

Dynamic Server

Backup Cow will automatically select a computer as the cloud server (Master Node). If the server machine is down (offline), the system will assign another computer to be the server.

Cloud Security and Identification

You can set a security ID number for computers to build a cloud. Other users without the same ID cannot connect/join the same cloud.

You can also set up several independent clouds in the same network by using differnet ID numbers.

(See Also Cloud Security )


Aotomatic and Secure File BackupsShare:

Everyone knows about losing data in a computer crash or as the result of a virus, and Backup Cow is one of the most powerful aotumatic network backup software to protect against this. While Backup Cow will not save your computer from crashing, or keep viruses from being able to infect it, it will ensure that no matter what happens to your computer you will still have access to the files that are important to you. Backup Cow is an outstanding tool and everyone who uses a computer should have at least some of their files in backups with it.

Automatic and Continuous Online Backups
Backing up data regularly should be one of the most important tasks of every computer user. With Backup Cow, you can get the peace of mind that files, photos and media from all your computers are continuously backed up online to your secure personal cloud storage, where you can recover them anytime. Setting up Backup Cow, you can easily sync files across computers and your changes are automatically backed up when you edit these files on your computer. If your computer is stolen or damaged, you can recover your files simply and painlessly. It's easy to operate.

Secure and reliable Backups 
Data security and confidentiality are our top priorities. Only you and your partners in the same local area network (LAN)can see your files. Backup Cow helps you to build a private cloud and so you can backup and sync files to the private cloud. All data is stored and backed up with rigorous encryption.

Backup Cow product website is:


Network Backup SoftwareShare:

Is your business looking for simple, affordable network backup softwares? Backup Cow software is network backup software that's Simple-to-use and affordable. It's the best network backup solution for small and medium sized business, or private backup using, because you can use it to build a private cloud and sync files to a private cloud. Don't buy expensive network backup solutions when Backup Cow has everything you ever need.

Backup Cow's licensing system provides a network backup solution for large computer environments with a special focus on the network environment. Backup Cow Solutions is designed to be reliable, easy-to-use and affordable. It can be used as a reliable network backup solution in networks with hundreds of computers connected to a variety of backup devices - music, hard disk, games, photos, programs and more. It is the best network backup software for you to sync files.

Please view more details on Backup Cow website:


What benefits will you get from Backup Cow software ?Share:

  • Save your money spent on IT infrastructure to build private cloud file storage
    To meet the growing backup demand, many companies continually add backup applications, hard disks, storage devices, and servers with tape drives or libraries, to their infrastructure, which will cost a lot of money. Backup Cow can make good use of under-utilized computer harddisks within your organization to build a private cloud. You can make a private file cloud without any additional hardware with this cloud file storage builder software. So your company can reduce much IT cost by building private file cloud storage with Backup Cow.
  • Back up your files in a realiable and secure way
    Backup reliability and security are very important issues that you must consider when you choose backup software. This file cloud backup software let you build backup file cloud storage internally for your important files and sensitive data. You don't need to pay any online cloud storage providers to store your data outside your organization. You can backup your computer files with more than one copy. With encryption and privacy features, Backup Cow will protect your files from being viewed by other users. You can transfer and sync  files to the private file cloud by using MD5 file verification to enhance data transfer reliability. In addition, you can set a security ID number for your private cloud computers so that any network users who don't know the ID are unable to connect to your private file cloud storage.
  • Keep your data up-to-date
    With the auto synchronization feature in this file cloud backup software, the source files and backups in the can be synchronized every a pre-set time interval. Therefore, the private cloud file sync feature will let you have newest files on hands.
  • Obtain and share your files from the private cloud conveniently
    You can back up, reach, search and share your files in the private file cloud via flexible network connections inlcuding LAN, Internet and Intranet. If your computer crashes, you can go to any cloud user computer to restore your backups from the private cloud storage.

Please read more information on :

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