Best Free Hard Drive Backup Software: Backup Cow - Your Handy and Powerful Data Protection Tool

Backup Cow P2P is the best free hard drive backup software to back up files from one hard drive to another or any other storage device. The program can also sync data between hard drives at intervals you preset in the backup schedule. You can not only back up data to another local drive in the same computer or an external hard drive, but also back up files to another computer no matter the hard drive or folder on your networked computer is a network share or not.


Here is a screenshot of the the main program window:

LAN Backup Software

Free download of this automatic hard drive backup software is available below. You my use its freeware version to back up folders and files up to 1GB. You may also upgrade the free version to the Professional or Enterprise editions to backup hard drive data without any data size limitation.


Download Backup Cow


Key Features of Backup Cow P2P Professional Version:

  • Backup data to another hard drive on the same computer
  • Back up files to external hard drives or USB drives automatically
  • Back up data to network drives or network shared folders that are attached to other network computers.
  • Backup to another hard drive on other computers over over networks including local network (LAN), WLAN or wifi network and Internet/Intranet.
  • Backup to NAS drive (Network Attached Storage) on local network.
  • Sync files between hard drives at regular intervals preset in the backup scheduler.
  • Backup to multiple hard drives simultaneously..
  • Encrypt data before backing up to another hard drive.
  • Restore backups to any hard drive easily.
  • The hard drive backup program can support all windows systems: Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and so on.


What advantages does a hard drive backup program have?

You may have encountered the following terrible things: important files are deleted permanently or become corrupted; hard disks fail; viruses and malware attack; laptops are stolen. Or in some cases, you may just want to see an earlier version of a file you edited or deleted. Data loss will bring you a big headache, especially when you need use the data. If you don't want to lose your precious photos, documents, letters, emails, as well as those useful music files and videos, then you need a hard drive backup software program. You have a few other backup method options, such as: disk clone program creates a mirror image of your entire harddrive, online cloud backup services automate uploading your local data to secure off-site storage, and traditional manual backup methods with an external hard drive. All these backup approaches have disadvantages when compared with simple file-based harddrive backup software tools that can automatically create copies on another hard drives or storage media. Here are some reasons that why we choose file and folder backup utilities to protect your computer data.

First, the file-and-folder hard drive backup programs allow users to select the files and folders that you designate to back up. and some great harddrive backup applications, like Backup Cow, will let you preserve one or more older versions you backs up the latest or recent set of updated files. If you need keep multiple versions of your files, the backup utility will retrieve older versions you removed. With these types of hard drive programs, you may be able to back up a few specified folders and all their subfolders as long as you consider they are valuable.

Second, hard drive backup tool will back up your data more efficiently. Unlike a drive-imaging program that will make a complete backup of your whole hard drive or of one or more partitions. This backup is an "image" of the entire harddisk. It will take much time to complete a backup, so the backup process is very time consuming. Online cloud backup will have the same problem due to the Internet connection speed. On the other hand, when you want to recover a specific file or folder from a backed-up disk image, the restoring procedure will be also complicated in the drive-imaging software. And it will let you wait for a long time to retrieve an older version of a file or folder from the disk image and copy it into an hard drive. Because the disk image includes system files, if the OS system ever becomes unusable or malfunction, you have to run the drive-imaging application from a bootable CD that is for the case of emergency, and restore the entire hard drive from an disk image that you stored on a network storage unit or a removable external hard drive. If you need a new hard disk, you should install the blank hard drive, then restore your whole system from the backed-up disk image to the blank new hard disk. In addition, a drive-imaging program usually requires much more space for backups, since even a compressed disk image takes up almost as much space as the hard drive you back up. Obviously, this process is quite complex and difficult for many backup users.

Third, a hard drive backup application will just help you back up data from one hard drive to another in the same local network. It will be safe all your data will be stored inside your organization. In this way, your in-house data backup is safer and more secure than the way you back up to a remote data center via an online backup service. So using harddrive backup program is a quite important


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Why Is Hard Drive Backup Important?

In the rapidly changing business environment, the failure of the computers and their components will happen from time to time. It is necessary to use professional data backup software as the best countermeasure to protect your data. When something disastrous happens and leads to data loss, you can do data recovery from your backups. Some computer users or businesses just over look the importance of data protection with backup program, and it will be too late to regret when their important data get lost. Now we will discuss the importance of backing up data.


As we know, terrible negative effects will happen due to some disasters, such as, system crash or significant data loss, etc. If you can create backups regularly, you may restore folders and files which are precious data from the image file backed up with an hard drive backup tool. Even your computer operating system crashes, you may use the backup and recovery utility to restore data to another alive computer so you can access and use these data as soon as possible. If not, you have to reinstall the operating system from scratch, which would cost you much time and try to find out those data on the same hard drive. Complex operation and jobs are required to fix the hard drive errors and in most cases, you cannot recover the data from a failure hard disk. As a result, you will lose some important files about work or your precious personal life records. Many options are available for personal users and businesses can complete backup and restore tasks. However, some backup operations are quite difficult to be implemented, and some backup solutions are pretty expensive. Choosing the right backup software is also very critical to protect your important data. We recommend Backup Cow P2P, a powerful hard drive backup software, to be a data protection tool for businesses or individuals.


Powerful Backup Freeware

Backup Cow P2P can back up hard drive data reliably. It is released by Coding Best Software. The program is backup freeware to let users to backup folders and files between computers, hard drives, network drives, network folders, external hard drives, USB drives,etc. The free version will let users use all the main functions including backup, synchronization and restore. And you can do local backup between local drives, LAN backup between networked computers, WAN backup (remote backup via Internet/Intranet). Users can perform full backup and incremental/differential backup. Only updated files will be backed up again in order to greatly save time during each backup schedule cycle. The only limitation of the free hard drive backup program is the total backup size for each user. If you need backup large files, then you may upgrade the free version to Professional or Enterprise version of this hard drive backup software.


Best Free File-Based Backup Software

After you review the most popular and best free file backup software programs that provide a rich set of features, you will find file based backup programs usually do not support disk clone and the creation of a system boot restore disk. The main purpose of this file backup software is to backup important data you want to protect, not generally to restore the operating system or all applications installed on your hard drives. Another key issue is: it is very easy to use file backup software to save document files, music files. video clips, pictures, and other data and media. Backup Cow P2P is not the kind of disk imaging software for creating system restore disks and restoring applications. It is one of the best file-based backup programs to back up folders and files, providing useful backup features, including file synchronization, backup schedule, data encryption, backup versioning, backup filters, and so on.


How This Backup App Works

Backup Cow P2P. the best file-and-folder backup program can work efficiently on your computer network, making copies of your files and folders either on a regular schedule or whenever a new version of a document file is saved to hard disk. The app can all back up files to a different hard drive or folder on the same computer, or to a USB drive/external hard drive, or a network location. It is very necessary to back up data to another hard disk for the purpose of greater safety in case your hard disk fails. Users can also back up folders and files to a remote site because the software can support remote network backup. The data encryption feature also let you save encrypted backups and store them on other network computers so that other network users won't be able to read your files. As the best file-and-folder backup program, Backup Cow lets you select any folder or a set of folders and their sub-folders as a backup source.

In addition to selecting specific files and folders to initiate a backup job, you can also add a backup destination as you wish, no matter it is a local folder on your hard disk, or on your network share, or any network computer folders that are not shared with you. You can set up your backup plan, such as, how often to sync (backup again), whether to encrypt the data, how many backup versions you keep, etc. Then you can start your backup task, and the application will automatically complete the backup job as soon as possible.


It is a wise decision to choose Backup Cow P2P as your file-based hard drive backup software to protect your business data or precious personal stuff on your hard drives. If you are not sure how to use or there is no idea about the harddrive backup software, just feel free to get a free download. The freeware version lets you have a free trial to review all the features before you purchase software.


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