Best Free Local Network Backup Software

Backup Cow P2P is the best free LAN backup software to back up and sync data over local area network. The program lets you conveniently connect computers across local networks and perform local backup between LAN computers. No matter the hard drives or folders on your networked computers are network share or not, you can easily backup to another computer over local network. The handy backup utility is widely used by both business and individual users on their local network areas, including office LAN and home network connected by wifi network (WLAN).


Here is the main window screenshot of Backup Cow:

LAN Backup Software

Please download this automatic lan backup software to get an absolutely free version. You can back up data to multiple network computers at a time.


Download Backup Cow


In fact, Backup Cow P2P is not only a P2P local backup software for LAN, but also can backup to local drives or even a remote network location. Here are some backup solution scenarios of Backup Cow.

Backup to Another PC LAN Backup Between Computers Remote Network Backup

Backup to Another Computer

Backup to another networked PC or its network share (network drives or shared folders)

Backup Between Computers

Backup between computers on LAN or WLAN (wireless LAN, wifi network)

Remote Backup

Remote backup via Internet or Intranet, remote peer-to-peer backup

Backup to Local Drives or Network Folders Multiple Network Computer Backup Hybrid Network Backup Solution

Local Backup

Backup to network drives or local folders, external hard drives. USB, NAS(network area storage) etc.

Multiple Computer Backup

Backup LAN computers. Backup data between network computers.

Internal Cloud Backup

Setup local backup servers to build network storage by utilizing your own local network computers to perform private cloud network backup

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Backup Cow P2P has a LAN backup freeware version that allows users to perform local backup up to 1GB. And the paid versions will lift this backup storage size limitation. The Professional version of the backup program is for local area backup. And the Enterprise version can be used for the remote network backup. The lan backup program can support all windows platforms including Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


Key Features of Backup Cow P2P Professional Version:

  • Back up data to another LAN computer on your local network (LAN), including WLAN (wireless local area network) or Wi-Fi network.
  • Back up files to network drives or network shared folders that are located on other LAN PCs.
  • Synchronize files between local network computers automatically at regular intervals preset in the backup scheduler.
  • Backup data to local drives or external hard drives.
  • Backup to NAS (Network Attached Storage) on local network.
  • All LAN computers can connect together automatically.
  • Backup to multiple LAN computers simultaneously
  • Multiple backup copies for each backup item can be stored on different computers across local networks.
  • Encrypt data before backing up to another LAN computer.
  • Restore backups to any LAN PC easily. (To restore an encrypted backup, you must provide a preset password.)


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What is LAN Backup?

LAN backup is a backup task performed on one computer and is stored on another networked computer or network-attached device or facility connected to the same local network. All backed up data stay in the local area by this form of backup method, but the storage media is usually physically placed in a different target device or PC with the source computer. To perform LAN backup jobs, you must determine where is your backup destination to store the source data. You may choose between the backup server, the NAS storage device , the network drive, the network shared folder, and so more. And then, you may use the dedicated professional software for local network backup, like Backup Cow P2P, to schedule and perform backup tasks of copying or restoring your chosen files and folders through your LAN.


SMB Backup Software

If you are an owner of a small or medium business, or a professional undertaking any large project, you should realize the importance of the data safety and know how to take actions to protect crucial data from loss and damage. SMB backup is an issue worth minding during all the business process. LAN Backup Software is the frequently-used type of data protection tools for SMBs which might have a diversity of backup needs in the workplace. Even though there are many manual backup options for small businesses, automatic backup software for SMB can greatly improve the efficiency and reliability of any backup job.


SMB backup has many nuances regarding business security, network connection, backup schedule, storage, and accessibility. So the software vendors in the market offer a great variety of choices, starting from free solutions and up to exclusively designed for a specific business. Is there an inexpensive backup software product that can meet most of the backup requirements, and solve the problem of business data retention? Backup Cow P2P, theĀ best LAN backup software for SMB, can be a great reliable data protection tool for your business.


LAN Backup Software for Office

How to back up files to another network computer over LAN? Office staff must find an effective backup solution because they need protect data and conveniently retrieve backed up files on the office LAN. Backup Cow P2P Professional is a great backup program to back up your important data from one computer to another on LAN (Local Area Network). You may run the software on each LAN PC in your office, all these office computers will connect together. And you may start local network backup jobs by selecting source files and then select a networked PC as your backup destination. Definitely, if the target LAN PC is on your backup destination list already, you may just need to drag the source files on your computer, and drop them into the target PC to start the backup task.

The lan PC backup software lets you to do local network backups without making any LAN settings for network connections. All the lan computers backup each other, and you can backup files to any office pc on the local network through the ethernet cable connection or wifi connection very fast.


If you need reliably store important data while you also want to restore files at office conveniently, Backup Cow P2P professional is the best fit for data backup among computers on an office LAN. The small office backup software is very easy to use, and you just do three things to complete the computer backup system setup: free download, installation, running. All office computers running the handy backup utility will recognize each other on the local network at office. The simple backup program has a freeware version that allows users to backup files for free. If your data backup size is less than not large, the backup freeware version can work fine for any small office LAN. Definitely, you may upgrade the free version to a paid version to do large file backup, and the software price is very competitive.


The office lan backup software provides the easiest method to sync and backup data between LAN PCs at office. No matter your office computers are connected via ethernet cable (LAN) or wireless network (WLAN), Backup Cow P2P Professional will let all the computers in the same local network set up automatic connections and implement backup tasks as you desire. As we know, more and more offices are using a router with wifi function to setup a Wireless LAN, so WLAN backup software is welcomed by these offices. Backup Cow Professional is such lan backup application that can work well on wireless LAN or wifi LAN. . If you have a small office or SOHO (Small Office, Home Office), in which there are a few desktops or laptops that are connected by wifi network, Backup Cow offers an easy way to back up data between computers or workstations.


There is no doubt that Backup Cow software is the best option for your local network backup between office computers. If there are many workstations on your local office network, and perform LAN computer backup from time to time, or you need do that by setting up a backup schedule, Backup Cow, the SMB backup software, is the best program to meet your needs and backup computers on an office network. Please download the software to perform reliable and fast backup over LAN or WLAN to protect your office data.


Home Network Backup Solution

Backup Cow P2P is one of the best free home network backup solutions to add a second copy for each of your precious data item on another computer that is connected by LAN or WLAN. At home, people like to back up photos or video clips to another computer. Backup Cow P2P Professional, the home lan backup software, gives you a reliable way to store important private data to another PC over your local home network, and you may also use the backup widget to back up data to another local hard drive, external hard drive, USB, network drive or network shared folders, or vice versa.


Nowadays, Some cloud backup service solutions like dropbox,, and mozy, will back up your private data to public cloud storage servers. It means your personal data will be transferred and stored outside over the Internet. As we know, there are many loopholes on internet security. Your personal privacy cannot be guaranteed at all. Some external networks might be hacked or spied by hackers who are interested your privacy. On the other hand, cloud backup users must pay subscription fees every month for their backup storage which exceed the size of the free storage plan. Therefore, cloud backup solutions might not be good for every individual. You may need find an individual backup program that can help you securely backup your personal data on your home network.


Backup Cow is the best free backup program for home network. Now, most families have more than one PC at home. They may have two or three desktops and one or two laptops at home. Usually people connect their home PCs by setting up a home lan through a router with wifi. That is, wireless LAN(WLAN) is very popular for home network. Backup Cow P2P can let you conveniently back up and sync files betwee computers on your home network no matter it is a LAN or WLAN. You don't need take care of any LAN settings and all the home computers will connect as long as you run Backup Cow P2P on each home PC.


Backup Network Drive to Local Drive

Backup Cow P2P software also allows you backup network drive to your own local hard disk. It is an easy job because you don't need to install the backup program on another LAN computer where the network drive is physically attached. You just need install the program on your own computer where you will operate the backup tool. Usually, if computers are in the same local network and the networked computers share their files and folders on LAN, you can copy or move those files and folders in the network place or the network mapping drives. As long as you have permissions (read & write) on network drives or network folders on your computer, you can use Backup Cow P2P to perform network drive backup. The method is same as the way you backup files from one local hard drive to another. You may just "Drag and Drop" files and folders into the backup destination on the main program window. ( You need add backup destination if the existing one is not the target folder you wish to back up to. If you want o backup network drives to local drives or vice versa, you just need install the application on your computer while there is a prerequisite that you are eligible to read and write data on those network drives or shared folders. Otherwise, you need to install and run Backup Cow P2P on another PC that holds the network share.


Backup Between LAN PC and Network Attached Storage(NAS)

In addition to workstations or laptop computers that will be connected to office lan network in the workplace, there will be some network storage facilities, like NAS (Network Attached Storage), on local network. They can be your lan backup drives in office. You may also need an automatic backup utility to back up data between network storage and computers over the local network. For example, you need backup a local folder to a network storage drive every week. To manipulate local data backup by making good use of the network storage, network based backup program should be able to access network storage drive. If the NAS drive is shared as the other network drives on the LAN, Backup Cow users can also perform schedule backup between their LAN computers and the network storage drives in the same approaches mentioned above. So, this backup tool actually can help you manage all the network storage backup tasks on LAN.


Not Only a Local LAN Backup Software Program...

Backup Cow P2P is not only an auto backup software for LAN or WLAN, but also an enterprise backup tool for remote networks. Many companies need do remote network backup especially when their staff need work in different locations or they have offices in different cities. To back up over the Internet or WAN, usually users must connect their local LAN and a remote network computer, or setup connection between two single computers, for example, connect an office computer and a home computer. Most backup software products require their users to provide the IP address of the remote location, so the network configuration or setup will be very complicated when you use these backup programs. Backup Cow P2P provides a great remote network connection solution to solve this issue, no matter you want to connect two LANs in different locations or connect two remote computers directly. Backup Cow software has a feature called "Join a Group" which is a network connection mode that can easily help you connect remote computers by creating a network group. Backup Cow users just need to sign up and log into a network group, their computers can connect together and perform remote backup and don't need know the IP addressed of the other network users. Certainly, you may use another network mode, "Connect to a Computer", to connect two computers by entering the remote computer's IP. So, Backup Cow P2P is a network backup software program for both WAN and LAN.


In fact, two above network modes, "Join a Group" and " Connect to a Computer", can also be applied to LAN backup, particularly when network computers are not in the same local network range. These two network connection methods will help you backup between computers across multiple LANs while you don't need to set up a lan backup server.


LAN Backup vs WAN Backup or Internet Backup

The LAN backup really improves the conveniency and safety of backup operations if compared with WAN bacnkup or Internal backup process. You must use more outside networks and facilities to transfer data to perform wan backups, including Internet backup. Storing the important data offsite the computer but in the same local area network will have great benefits for business. The lan backup advantages can effectively protect the data copied both from hardware errors and from Internet risks like hackers or malware worms. The data backup speed will be another advantage to back up data locally. And both the versatility and scalability of storage media selection for LAN backup will make this backup type a great option of data protection.



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As we know, there are many lan data backup software products in the market. But not all local network backup programs can work reliably and conveniently. And some lan backup solutions are very expensive, for example, Backupforall, Crashplan backup software, Handybackup, etc. Backup Cow P2P can meet all the local backup needs and work for most computers and storage devices on LAN, including external hard disks, USB drives, network attached storage, network mapped drives, and network shared folders. In addition, it is a free lan backup program that allows users to backup data up to 1GB, and you can get free trial of all the features of the Professional and Enterprise versions in the freeware version. Backup Cow P2P, the great data protection tool for LAN, is affordable and widely used in office and home networks. Please do not hesitate to get free download of this LAN backup software to install it on your local computer network.