How to Set Up Internal Private Cloud Storage

The software can transform any Windows computers on the same local network to be internal private cloud storage.

Easy Setup

You just need install the server program on each computer that will be a cloud server, then all these servers will connect together automatically to be the in-house private cloud.

(The setup file of the server program is in the software package. For more information, please read How to Install.)

Shared Cloud Storage Internal Cloud Backup Center Personal or Home Cloud

Local Backup

LAN comuters can connect together to contribute the storage to the private cloud.

Multiple Computer Backup

Use any or dedicated computers to build internal cloud storage for your business.

Internal Cloud Backup

You can build your home cloud storage to let you or your friends aceess the cloud storage over Internet from anywhere.

High Scalaibity

You can increase your cloud storage by simply adding a cloud server machine. So the cloud storage size can be as large as you wish.

Smart Resilience

When a cloud server has a malfunction, Backup Cow will automatically transfer backup copies to another safe server. The system will also automatically select a cloud server as the master server to manage the cloud backup jobs. If the master server machine is down (offline), the system will assign another server to be the master server. So all the backups are reliable due to this dynamic server machanism.

For example, Server A, B, and C connect together to form cloud storage. You back up your data onto the cloud with two copies. One is stored on the Server A, the other is saved on the Server B. If the Server A is down, the system will redo the backup so that the Server C has one backup copy. Therefore, you will still has two copies o

Cloud User Management

Any user must sign up an account from the client program in order to back up files to servers thereafter.
Then the user will log in the cloud with the account information.

If the user logs out, she or he must log in to let the client machine connect to the cloud servers again.

(For more information, please read Signup & Login.