What is "Download" ?

"Download" means that your computer is downloading (getting) data from the cloud, that is, the data are transfered from other cloud users (other networked computers) to your computer.

Your computer will be in "download" status in the following cases:

  • You are restoring backup files from the cloud to your computer.
  • You are downloading (save) a file from other cloud user computer in your "File Search" section.
  • Other cloud users are backing up their files to the cloud, and some of their backups are storing in the share path of your computer.

(Please note: when other cloud users are uploading files to your computer, your computer will be downloading files from their computers)

How to Set up Download

The Restore part is considered to be a downloading process. You can set up the amount of files to download simultaneously and speed of downloading from "Settings - Transfers".