• What is the difference between P2P Suite and Private Cloud Suite ?

    P2P Suite lets you back up data to another computer, network drive/folder, or local drives/external hard drives.

  • Private Cloud Suite lets you back up data from client machines to a server or a group of servers that connect together to be internal cloud storage.


  • Can I back up my files to another computer via Internet ?

    Yes. You can implement remote network backup via Internet. All users can connect together accross networks including LAN (Local Area Network), and Internet/Intranet. Please view Network Connections in this manual.

  • What is the difference between Professional edition and Enterprise edition ?

    Professional edition will work only in LAN (Local Area Network), and Enterprise edition can work in both LAN and remote network (Internet/Intranet,etc.). You can backup and access files via remote network in Enterprise edition, Click here to compare editions.

  • How to back up my office computer to my home computer?

    Here are the steps:
    * Run Backup Cow on both computers at home and your office.
    * In your home computer's Backup Cow: Remote Network --> Connect to a Computer --> Input your office's internet IP and port number (usually the port number is 9595, or you may find it in your office computer's Backup Cow), then click OK.
    * On the computer you wish bacak up the source files, go to Settings --> Backup --> Synchronization Settings --> Input the 1440 minutes for auto sync backup time. (60 mins*24 hr =1440 mins.)
    * Then you can select files and folders to back up daily.
    Another remote network connection option is "Remote Network -- Join a Group" if your home computer has a direct Internet connection with a dynamic Internet IP)

  • Hello, I am having difficulty connecting my two computers via a group. Is there any assistance you could offer, as well as the necessary steps of performing the file backup? I am unsure of how to determine the destination folders for specific backups that I would like to run.

    If your two computers are using the same Internet IP and log in a same group, please make sure the two computers are in the same LAN IP block. If a computers has two LAN IPs (for example, has two network cards), you can choose the right LAN IP in: Settings -- Local Network -- Network Settings -- LAN IP

    As for the destination folder for network backup, you may change it on the destination PC: in Settings -- Cloud -- Share Settings -- My Share Path. If you want to more flexibly set the destination folder when transferring data, you can choose File Transfer, in which there is a setting to allow you to mannually set the destination folder each time when you send files to another computer.

  • I am using the free version of Backup Cow to evaluate for my needs and would like to use this, however, I have so far been unsuccessful even though I have opened the relevant ports on the router. If it is available in the free version can you please give me some ideas as to what to check next.

    The feature can work in free version.

    * If A connects to B,
    In A's BackupCow: Connect to a Computer - Input B's IP address and port
    number (You can find B's port number in B's BackupCow-Connect to a
    Computer - Your IP Address and Port Number)
    * If the above cannot work, you may try: B connects to A, the steps are
    similar, make sure the A's IP and Port number are correct.
    * You may also try Remote Network -- Join a Group to connect two remote
    computers. In this way, you don't need to know the IP and port numbers,
    which will be parsed by BackupCow server. All data will still be
    transfered between two computers.

  • I want to move my computers around, and I've bought your software to help me accomplish this. How do I remove a license from a computer so that I can assign it to a different one?

    Please uninstall Backup Cow on the old machine and install it on the new computer. Then provide us with the old Computer ID and your Order ID, and we will transfer the license for you.

  • I have 7 remote sites that I will be backing up within the private cloud, each site has about a terrabyte of data. I want to do a local backup of the data, then drive to my office and upload to the backup server, once this is done then have the software synchronize the data over the internet. Is it possible with Backup Cow?
    Yes. Backup Cow can fully meet your needs. Here are some key points:
    1. Run Backup Cow program on all computers involved (remote and local machines, source and destination computers)
    2. For the computers with source data, you may disable/uncheck "Share My Disk Space" in Settings--Cloud--Share Settings. For the destination computers, you may set "Maximum Share Space" for the above setting, so that the storage is enough to store backup data.
    3. You may use "Remote--Join a Group" to connect all computers including source computers and destination computers. It means every computer log in the same group in Backup Cow.
    4. You may also flexibly select/unselect destination computers: Run Backup Cow on each source computer, Network Backup --Internal Backup Status--My Backup Cloud (this tab is on the bottom of the program window)-- Select a destination computer then right click to select "Not Backup" if you don't want to backup data to the selected computer. The default setting is "Backup to this --Yes"
    5. You can make a copy to a PC on the local network, and make another second copy to a remote server. You can set in Settings--Backup--Copy Quantity =2
    6. To sync the data between the source computers and the destination computers, you may select the sync time in Settings--Backup-- Default Synchronization Settings (on the source computers)


  • I have now gotten all 3 PC users on BackupCow screen and they’re PC’s are available but – the drive that I need backing up is the USB drive that we all share, this is on a USB port attached to the Netgear Router. As each backup is orginated from a PC I don’t think your software is going to back up from the USB drive unless it is plugged into a PC directly???

    If you can manually copy/move files from that USB drive to PC in Windows Explorer, then you can use Backup Cow to backup files from the USB drive to PC.
    You can just "Drag and Drop" the files into the Backup Cow program's window to initiate a backup job. 
    That is, open the USB drive, drag files or folders you wish to backup, and then drop them into a destination PC in Backup Cow program.
    We will improve the program interface of the program so that you can also do that by clicking "New Backup Job"