• What can Backup Cow Private Cloud Suite do ?

    The Private Cloud Suite can help you:
    1. Implement simple client/server backup: Back up files from client computers to a central server.
    2. Implement internal private cloud backup: Back up files from client computers to internal cloud storage that is built with a couple of servers.


  • Do we need additional computer hardware to build a private cloud within our orgranization?

    It is NOT required to use additional hardware to build internal cloud storage. With Backup Cow software, you can transform your in-house netoworked computers to be a private cloud. And all these computers (cloud servers) are running Windows platforms.


  • How to set up internal cloud storage with Backup Cow Private Cloud Suite ?

    The software can transform any Windows computers on the same local network to be internal private cloud storage:
    Install the server program on each computer that will be a cloud server, then all these servers will connect together automatically to be the in-house private cloud.

    To get more information on how to build cloud storage, please view Cloud Setup in this manual.

    And any user can run the client program on his/her computer, and back up files to the internal cloud storage (cloud servers)


  • How to install Private Clous Suite?

    This software package contains two parts: BackupCowClient_Setup.exe and BackupCowServer_Setup.exe

    Run BackupCowClient_Setup.exe on each client computer to install the client program.
    Run BackupCowServer_Setup.exe on each server to install the server program.


  • If I have only one server, can I use Private Cloud Suite to perform Client/Server Backup ?

    Yes. You can use the Private Cloud Suite to back up files from client computers to a server machine. You may purchase "One-Server Package" to perform client/server data backup.

  • Can I back up my files to my own private cloud via Internet ?

    Yes. You can back up files to the private cloud via Internet. All cloud users and cloud nodes can connect together accross networks including LAN (Local Area Network), and Internet/Intranet.

  • What is the difference between P2P Suite and Private Cloud Suite ?

    P2P Suite lets you back up data to another computer, network drive/folder, or local drives/external hard drives.

  • Private Cloud Suite lets you back up data from client machines to a server or a group of servers that connect together to be internal cloud storage.