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Sync Backup

Free Sync Backup Software

Backup Cow Sync can build a self-hosted dropbox-like system on your own Windows computers. The software lets you sync, back up, access, and share files anywhere.

Download Backup CowDownload Backup Cow Sync. No subscription fee!

Download Backup Cow

Multiple Computer Backup Keep your work computer in sync with your home computer.
Back up terabytes worth data to your own server.
Access your files consistently anywhere.
Share your files and folders with your team members and colleagues.
Feature Highlights
Two-way Sync:Sync files between computers through a self-hosted server.
Unlimited Backup Size:Back up data to your server that can allow any storage size for each user.
Subfile Backup:Lets incremental backup perform faster when there are data updates.
Instant Duplicate File Backup:Any duplicate files can be transferred in seconds, and the mechanism can aslo help reduce storage usage.
Security:Users must log into their accounts to perform file backup and access.
Encryption:File transfer and data storage are at block level, and they are unreadable to third-party.
Low Cost:Utilize in-house Windows computers to build private cloud storage, such as dropbox, and there is no subscription fee.
Ease of Use:Setup in seconds. Drag and Drop, or directly "Drop to Backup Cow Folder".